Matthew’s Corner

Hi, Ethan here!  Welcome to Matthew’s Corner, where I’m collecting the mad ramblings of 6 year old Matthew Cohn, who also likes to talk about action figures.  What can I say, I’m sympathetic to his need to ramble about action figures.  So, I’m just gonna let him take it away…though, for what it’s worth, I’m still transcribing for him.

These are my action figures.  They are both from Batman.  Which number of movies?  They’re not in the movies of Batman?  Don’t be typing that!  You’re messing up my thing!  [At this point, I informed him that Batman Beyond is a TV ShowE] They’re from BATMAN BEYOND!!! If you are interested in these action figures, they’re from All Time Toys.  I’m talking about Snake Eyes and Bake Eyes.  Hahaha.  Just so that you know, that was actually a joke.  Their names are Batman Beyond and Shriek.  And they have the power of rock and roll.

Now there’s Batman Beyond.  Take a clap for Batman Beyond [He’s now clapping–E].  I like Batman Beyond’s wings.  And his suit.  And his head.  And his ears.  And his wings.  And his claws.  There is nothing I don’t like about him. Except his face.  It’s kind of creepy.  I still like his face.  I think I’m done with this guy.

Presenting node.  Hahaha.  That was all just a joke.  How dare you say all that, Ethan?  Presenting Shiek.  He’s the one that has the power of Rock and Roll.  Rock and Roll.  Danananana.  Rock and roll.  I hate his face.  And I hate his hair.  I like the rest of his body.  Again, if you want these action figures, go to All Time Toys.  This is the end of this show!  I even have pictures.  I will add them later.