#1180: Jango Fett




We close out my second week of post-Christmas reviews today, taking a look back at the line that kicked of this year’s gift reviews two weeks ago.  Yes, it’s a look back at Lego’s line of Constraction Figures.  Last time around, I was looking at one of the characters from last month’s very well-received prequel Rogue One.  This time, I’m looking at a character from a prior prequel (a pre-prequel, if you will), generally less well-received, especially as time has gone on.  Yes, it’s none other than Blue Boba Fett Jango Fett!


jangolego2Jango Fett was part of the first assortment of Lego Star Wars: Constraction Figures, released on Force Friday 2015, alongside Luke, Vader, General Grievous, Obi-Wan, and Clone Commander Cody.  The figure is built from 85 pieces, and when fully assembled, he stands about 9 1/2 inches tall and has 13 points of articulation.  Jango definitely takes some liberties with his design, especially compared to K-2.  All of the important details are there, of course, but greatly simplified, and made to better fit the Constraction Figure aesthetic.  After the rather faithful head sculpt on K-2, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little disappointed by the much more simplified sculpt seen here.  It’s not  awful or anything, and I guess it matches the rest of the body a bit better, but I do sort of which it followed the film design more closely, or at least had some sharper detailing sculpted in.  Alas, it was not to be.  Legos are generally lighter on the paint, but this isn’t the case with Jango, who has quite a bit of detailing, in order to showcase his heavily weathered armor.  It definitely goes a long way to make him a visually interesting figure, and makes up a bit for the slightly less detailed helmet.  Jango includes his two blaster pistols (which have, like him, been Lego-ized), which he can hold or “holster” on his thighs.  He also has an action feature on his jetpack which launches the rocket at the top when the button at bottom of the pack.


Jango here was a gift from Super Awesome Girlfriend’s parents.  Apparently, there was a sale on Star Wars toys at Walgreens and they took advantage of said sale to pick me up several things.  I hadn’t really every thought to pick up Jango of my own volition, but he’s certainly one of the cooler figures in this line, and I don’t *dislike* Jango Fett as a character.  Not a bad figure!

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