#1265: Dazzler



“Dazzler converts sounds into light and energy, preferring the rhythm of music as her primary source of sonic strength.”

Alright, are you guys ready to get pumped?  No?  Oh, okay.  Ummm, guess I’ll come back.

Ready now?  Good.  So, hey, you remember how I was spending all that time looking for those new X-Men Marvel Legends?  Well, I found them all, I’ve observed the proper trial period with them, and now, without further ado, I present Warlock Week!  We’re kicking off Warlock Week with Dazzler, the figure whose presence at SDCC ’16 first queued us in on the existence of this particular series.  She’s making her Marvel Legends debut here.  Let’s see how it turned out!


Dazzler is figure 3 in the third X-Men assortment of Marvel Legends, also known as the Warlock Series.  Dazzler’s an interesting character in that she’s had two main looks over the years.  They’re pretty divergent designs, and people tend to be a fan of one and not the other.  So, when the figure was revealed sporting her ‘70s disco-styled costume, there were more than a few disgruntled X-Men fans who wanted her Flashdance look from the ‘80s instead.  I can see Hasbro’s reasoning, really, since this design’s been getting the push in the last year or so, thanks to Dazzler wearing it during the first volume of A-Force, which sort of brought Allison back into the public eye. I’m one of those weird breed of people who would have been happy with either version of the character, so I’m pleased either way.  This figure stands about 6 1/2 inches tall (thanks to the roller-skates) and has 27 points of articulation.  She’s built on the Phoenix body, which I think is probably Hasbro’s best female body they currently have on hand.  She gets an all-new head, upper torso, lower legs, and feet, as well as a cool little disco ball necklace add-on.  The new pieces mesh really well with the stock parts.  I think Dazzler might be the first time a figure has a credible excuse for baggy pants legs that go skintight at the thighs.  The head is a very nice piece; as has been the trend with Hasbro female figures as of late, she’s actually quite attractive.  Technically, the hair’s not quite the right style for Allison, but it’s a similar vintage, so it doesn’t look out of place (and I honestly like her a bit more this way).  It’s actually not far off from what Jean Grey was sporting as Phoenix, and conversely the recent Phoenix figure’s hair isn’t too far off from Dazzler’s classic ‘do, so perhaps a swap is in order.  The hair’s also been carefully sculpted to sit behind the popped collar of the torso, but in such a way that it doesn’t just have odd chunks missing from it or something.  The torso sculpt does a very nice job of adding her collar.  Some figures make the collar too thick, and while it’s obviously a little thicker here than it would be in real life, it’s not horribly off.  The feet give us a first for Legends: roller-skates!  They don’t actually roll (and I’m kind of glad; I can only imagine the nightmare of getting her to stand if that were the case), but they’re a fun addition nonetheless.  I do wish they’d made them removable, seeing as they weren’t always present with this costume, but I’d rather have them permanently attached than not at all.  In terms of paint, Dazzler is overall pretty solid, aside from a few small issues.  Really, I just sort of wish they’d used either silver or pearlescent white for the jumpsuit, since it was usually was drawn as if it were reflective.  The flat white’s not terrible, but I worry it will yellow over time, and it’s already suffering from some of the pieces not completely matching in shade.  Aside from that, her paint is really clean, and very vibrant, which is always appreciated.  Dazzler includes a microphone, an effects piece (the same one used for Scarlet Witch, but multicolored this time), and the left arm of Warlock.


After about a week of hitting up the two local Targets every other day, I ran across Dazzler all by herself, hiding behind the remnants of the Juggernaut Series.  It was a bitter sweet moment; it was cool to find Dazzler and all, but finding just her meant that I’d missed the first case of the rest of the series.  Admittedly, Dazzler wasn’t super high priority from this series (I mean, I was getting her no matter what, since my most anticipated figure in the set was the Build-A-Figure).  With that being said, getting her first, divorced from the rest of the set, allowed me to appreciate her on her own, and I have to say, she’s a really nice figure.  Here’s hoping they follow it up with the Flashdance version later down the line!

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