#1410: Spider-Man – Homemade Costume



When Peter Parker discovers spider-like senses and wall-crawling abilities, he develops his own suit to become Spider-Man.”

Hey, it’s Force Friday II!  Of course, it’s not like I’m reviewing anything from today’s event, since I didn’t get anything early (though I certainly tried).  But I am writing this review from the line to get into a midnight opening, so it’s in the spirit of the day, I guess.  Anyway, let’s look at another Hasbro product, based on another Disney-owned property!  It’s Spider-Man!


This Spider-Man is figure 2 in the Vulture Series of Marvel Legends.  It’s the third Spider-variant in the series, and the second based on Homecoming.  This figure is based on Peter’s homemade costume, which he ends up wearing during the film’s climax, following the more advanced suit’s confiscation by Tony.  As I’ve noted before, the design is loosely based on Ben Reilly’s Scarlet Spider costume, which is nifty.  The figure stands about 6 inches tall and he has 32 points of articulation.  Spidey’s sporting an all-new sculpt, which is a pretty solid piece of work.  He’s not sporting quite the same build as the Stark Tech Spidey, but he’s close enough that they’re believable as the same person.  This figure’s probably the closer of the two proportions wise, so that’s a plus.  The detail work is pretty solid as well, with some cool work on the folds and everything.  There could maybe be a little more texture work, but it’s acceptable for the line.  It mostly follows the movie design, though the goggles lack some of the technical details.  Still, not bad.  The paintwork on this guy is fairly decent, though not quite as impressive as some more recent releases.  However, the colors are decent and the application is mostly pretty clean.  The figure is packed with two sets of hands in both fists and web-shooting poses, as well as a hood piece (both pulled up and down).  He’s also got the flip side wing piece of the one included with the standard Spidey.  Yay for an almost complete Vulture!


I got this guy from Amazon, at the same time as Moon Knight, since I’d had no luck finding him at retail.  He’s a decent figure, but I do find him to be slightly less exciting in-hand than I’d expected.  I guess he’s somewhat less climactic after already getting the version from the basic line.  Still, I’m happy to have him, and the figure is a solid addition to the line.

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