#3026: IG-11



Alright, after quite a length of nothing but Marvel Legends reviews, I finally got a week last week of some more random goodness, and now I’m feeling a little more refreshed for some more theme-week-ing.  Not quite Marvel yet, because oh boy do I need to build back up to that one, but how about another toy powerhouse that I haven’t looked at since the beginning of the year, Star Wars!  I’ve got a whole stack of Black Series figures to look at, but before I get to those, I’m going to take today to be slightly different, with a rare Vintage Collection review.  It’s an IG-11, so not *that* different, but still different.


IG-11 is figure VC206 in the Star Wars: The Vintage Collection line-up.  He hit hit retail last fall, in an assortment that was otherwise Original Trilogy-centered.  I suppose he’s not entirely out of place there, but he’s still the only Mandalorian-based figure in the set.  The figure stands 4 3/4 inches tall and he has 27 points of articulation.  Amusingly enough, he’s actually quite a bit more posable than his 6-inch counterpart, by virtue of this one actually being an all-new sculpt, as opposed to just re-using a prior IG mold.  This means he gets properly jointed hips, as well as the a fully jointed head with all of the proper moving parts, which you don’t tend to see.  He’s also much larger in scale relative to the standard-sized figures he’s meant to go with, of course, but that’s really just about him having actual proper scaling, instead of the usual “just noticeably taller than the other figures” scaling that IG molds tend to get.  In general, his sculpt is quite an impressive one, and it works well around the articulation, which means it avoids my usual issue with TVC figures.  Most notably, on the sculpt front, he’s got the correct modified hands for IG-11, which have thus far only been correct on the Mission Fleet release.  That one’s still first in my heart and all, but it’s nice to have a correct set of hands on a more correctly styled figure.  IG’s paint work is generally pretty decent.  The base work covers all the slight variations in the finish of the metal that he’s made up of, and there’s a little bit of wear and tear that’s handled with some slight accent work.  It’s pretty nice in a general sense, and seems just about as good as the larger scale figure.  IG-11 is packed with the usual pairing of large and small blasters, which he holds pretty well.


As I mentioned in my K2 review, I’ve more or less given up on collecting TVC, but I do have my exceptions to that.  K2 was one, and IG-11 is another. I was actually looking forward to this one quite a bit, and I was pretty excited to mess with him.  He turned out really nicely, especially for this line.  It’s not really enough for me to jump into the line any further, but I sure would love to see Hasbro do an updated Black Series version that’s a bit closer to this one in quality.

Thanks to my sponsors at All Time Toys for setting me up with this figure for review.  If you’re looking for toys both old and new, please check out their website.

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