#0207: Supergirl & Bizarro




Hi guys! Today, I’ll be doing yet another review from my favorite toyline ever, Minimates. I love reviewing Minimates. They’re awesome! Today’s figures today come from DC Minimates, a line which was sadly too short. The figures are two prominent characters from one of DC’s better known comics, Superman.


These two were released in the 6th series of DC Minimates. They come from towards the end of the line.


Supergirl is Superman’s cousin. She’s a younger kryptonian, who came to Earth from Argo, the capital city of Krypton, which briefly survived the destruction of Krypton. Supergirl was based on normal Minimate body, so she features 14 points of articulation and is 2 ½ inches tall. Supergirl features three new pieces: hair, skirt and cape. They are all appropriate to the character, though they seem a little bit too bulky. The pieces are all sculpted with a windblown look to them, which is cool. The paint work is pretty good. There are some nice details, especially on the torso. Supergirl’s face is intense, which is different from previous female Minimates, helping her stand out a bit. Supergirl features no accessories.


Bizarro is a clone of Superman. He’s one of Superman’s recurring foes from over the years. He’s based on the classic Bizarro look, which is a good choice. Bizarro is on the basic body, so he has all the usual features. Bizarro features three sculpted add-ons: hair, cape, and belt. The hair is a brand new piece, while the cape and belt are re-use from the Superman minimate. The pieces all look nice, and work great for the character. Bizarro’s paint is pretty good. He has no real noticeable slop or bleed-over. His face has some great details, and he has a great silly grin, which is perfect for the character. Bizarro was supposed to include a “Bizarro #1” necklace, but mine was missing from the package, so I’ve never had one. This makes me very sad…


I got Bizarro and Supergirl from my local comicbook store, Cosmic Comix. I got them the day they were released, like with most minimate releases. I really like this set. They’re great representations of some pretty important Superman characters.

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