#0018: Helo



Today, I’ll be looking that first figure in my relatively small Battlestar Galactica collection.  It’s based on a character exclusive to the modern take on the show, Karl “Helo” Agathon.


The figure depicts Helo in his flightsuit from the show.  There was an earlier variant of Helo in his dress blues, but this was the Helo for me.  This one’s all action.  This version is from the second series of the line, though it was a bit difficult to keep track of with all the variants and exclusive figures.  He stands about 7 inches tall and has 20 points of articulation.  He included his helmet, a pair of gloved hands, a first aid kit and a side arm.  You’ll notice that only the side arm is pictured here.  That’s because the rest of his stuff is in storage.  The helmet and gloves are relatively useless anyway, since his flightsuit is unzipped.  The sculpt on the figure is pretty good, especially the flightsuit itself.  The hands are a bit odd looking, but they work.  The head isn’t a perfect representation of Tahmoah Pinikett, but it’s not terrible either.  I suspect some of the offness has to do with the paint job, which is just alright.


Helo is one of three characters on the show I actually liked, and one of the two of those that actually got figures in this line.  He’s a nice representation of the character, and looks pretty good on the shelf.  I tracked this guy down on ebay for about $15 not too long after his release.

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