#0027: Striker Eureka



Today, I’m looking at another figure from NECA’s second series of Pacific Rim figures.  Yesterday, I looked at a variant of the main Jaeger from the film, Gipsy Danger.  Today, I’ll be covering the second most prominent Jaeger from the film:  Striker Eureka!


Striker is built to fit in with the rest of the Pacific Rim figures, so he stands about 7 inches tall.  He has roughly 21 points of articulation.  Striker is mostly a light grey color, so the figure is molded in this color, with details added over top of it.  The detail paint is superbly done, and he has a nice wash applied all around that gives the suit a nice worn in look.  Striker’s design is very much influenced by the fighting suits from Neon Genesis Evangelion, with a design that features lots of sharp angles.  As such, it was very important for the sculpted details on this figure to be sharp.  There was a bit of concern on this point because it seemed that such details may have been lost on the Gipsy Danger sculpt, but I’m happy to say that it’s not an issue with Striker here.  Striker technically includes no accessories, thought he does have his stinger blades, which are jointed so that they can swivel back and forth, and can be removed if you so desire.


Striker was one of my favorite of the main Jaeger designs, so it follows that it was the figure I was most looking forward to in second series, and heck, even NECA’s Pacific Rim line overall.  The figure definitely doesn’t disappoint.  I was initially a bit let down by the lack of the nuclear device that Striker has strapped to his back during the final battle, but the rest of the figure is so well done that I don’t mind so much.  Striker is some serious awesome!

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