#0061: Space Villain



Today, I’ll be taking a look at another block figure, though this one’s probably more widely known.  When block figures started to hit it big, LEGO, the originator of the “block figure” decided to get in on the action.  Typically, the only way to get a LEGO minifigure, you would have to buy a LEGO set, but LEGO decided to start up a new line of just the minifigures.  These guys are blind bagged, meaning getting a particular figure can be a bit tricky, but overall, the line’s been a huge hit.  They offer a wide variety of figures, and today I’ll be reviewing the “Space Villain.”


The Space Villain was the 13th figure in the 3rd series of the LEGO Minifigures line.  The Space Villain is built on the traditional LEGO body, with a peg-leg in the place of his right leg, and a mechanical arm in place of his right arm.  He also has a sculpted helmet with a removable yellow visor.  The face and torso feature the figure’s only paint.  The details are nice and sharp, and they feature some very nice metallic silver.  The Space Villain has a laser gun with a removable laser blast, and comes with the black stand included with all the LEGO Minifigures.


I got the Space Villain from my local LEGO Store, with a handful of others I had grabbed from their display at random.  He’s cool enough, not one of my favorites, but a well put together figure.

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