#0114: Sgt. Windrix



As most readers of this site are I’m sure aware, I’m a pretty big fan of the movie Aliens, and by extension, NECA’s recent line of figures.  The second series was just released, and mine arrived earlier this week.  I have a few other new acquisitions that were supposed to be up for review first, but given some recent happenings, I’ve decided to jump one of the figures ahead a little bit.

The figure today is Sgt. Craig Windrix.  That name’s probably unfamiliar to most people reading.  No, he’s not a background marine that you just missed.  The story behind Sgt. Windrix is much more touching.  Craig Windrix is the brother of Kyle Windrix, the man responsible for the amazing sculpts present in the Aliens line as well as countless other NECA toylines.  Craig was diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer not long ago.  Craig was always a big fan of Aliens, and to support him in his battle, NECA decided to make a figure of Craig as a member of the Colonial Marines.  This was a lovely gesture on their part, and really speaks to their character.  Furthermore, I believe they have also made mention of donating a portion of the sales of the figure to support Craig’s family, which is another big gesture.

Sadly, Craig’s condition worsened rapidly in the last week, and it was announced yesterday morning that he had passed away.  In light of the news, I decided to push up my review of the figure as a bit of a tribute to Mr. Windrix.  My condolences go out to the Windrix family.


Sgt. Windrix was released as part of the second series of NECA’s Aliens line.  Obviously, he’s based on Craig Windrix, but as far as his uniform goes, he looks to be based on the uniform worn by Sgt. Apone in the film.  Since the two have the same rank, this is appropriate enough, and it’s nice to have several different entries in the Marine command structure.  Sgt. Windrix stands about 7 inches tall and features the same 30 points of articulation as previous marines, Hicks and Hudson.  Windrix’s joints are a bit tighter, though, which makes the figure a bit easier to put into various poses, and he’s less likely to fall off the shelf.  Windrix shares a fair bit of pieces with Hicks and Hudson, which is understandable, given the uniformed nature of the characters.  Windrix has a newly sculpted head and arms.  The arms are different from the previous marines, this time showing a full sleeved look.  I really appreciate this, as it adds some nice variety to the marines.  The Head is the other new piece, and I think that Kyle’s really gone all out here.  I’ve seen a few pictures of Craig and the sculpt looks spot on.  Moving on to paint, I think this is an area where Windrix outshines the previous marines.  Everything looks cleaner overall, and he seems to be a little less orange than the last two, which looks much better.  In the movie, each of the marines had customized their armor with various graffiti unique to each character.  Sgt. Windrix has rightly received some of his own graffiti that gives us some nice insight into his character, such as a heart with “dad” written in it, a set of bowling pins, and a face of some sort.  These details are all nice and crisp.  Sgt. Windrix includes 4 accessories: A flame thrower, a welder, a shoulder lamp and a motion tracker.  The welder, lamp, and tracker are all reused from previous Marine releases, and look as good here as they did before.  The Flame thrower is a new piece, and looks extremely faithful to the source material.  Once again, it’s nice to see a new piece here that allows collectors to diversify their Marine collection a bit.


Initially, I was uncertain what to expect from this figure.  This early into the line, it’s easy to be disappointed by a figure of a character that’s not one of the major players in the story.  However, my opinion quickly turned around when I saw the level effort that NECA had put into the figure.  Not only is it a very nice tribute to Craig, it’s also an extremely well done figure, and is enjoyable on its own merits.  I really have to commend NECA for a great showing on this figure. I’m happy to have him as a part of my collection, and I’ll proudly display him with the rest of my marines.


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