#0121: Xenomorph Warrior – Blue



So, uh, it’s Valentine’s Day.  And in honor of the holiday, I’m reviewing…. a Xenomorph.  Yeah.  Well, he’s blue, so maybe he’s lonely because he doesn’t have a facehugger to call his own.  Or…uh…yeah.  Just… Let’s just move right along!

Okay, today I’ll be getting back to the Aliens Series 2 figures that I started last week!  Last time, it was a bit of a special review, so I didn’t do my whole frantically excited post about getting the second series and how awesome they were.


So, I’ve got series two of the line!  What brand new, exciting figure am I going to start with?  The Xenomorph Warrior!  You’ve already seen that one four times you say?  But, this one’s in blue.  That’s very different!


Okay, so you should probably know the drill by this point.  This figure is based on the appearance of the titular aliens in the second movie.  He’s part of the 2nd series of NECA’s Aliens line.  Being an 8-foot tall character in a 7-inch scale line, he’s between 8 and 9 inches tall, and he’s got 38 points of articulation.  The sculpt is exactly the same as the Xeno from the first series, and thereby the Xenos in the Genocide 2-pack and most of the Xeno in the Hicks vs Xeno 2-pack.  If you want my thoughts on the sculpt, I’ll point you to my review of the first series release.  The big difference between this figure and its predecessors is the paint scheme.  I talked before about the differing opinions of how the Aliens should be colored.  NECA seems to be taking the approach of pleasing all fans, so they’re planning on releasing the figure with all the possible color variant.  So far we’ve had black with brown highlights (series 1) and black with silver and bronze highlights (Genocide).  This figure uses the color choice that seems to be most popular with fans, which is black with blue highlights.  This is usually seen as the best look because that’s how the aliens were lit in the movie.  I mentioned liking the blue highlights when I reviewed the battle-damaged alien.  I’m really glad to have this scheme on an unscathed alien.  One of the biggest pluses of this figure is that the paint is quite a bit better than it was on the series 1 version.  I like the blue better in general, but NECA really seems to have cleaned it up a bit, which makes for an all-around better figure.


Like I did with series one, I preordered series two from an online store fairly early on.  The figures arrived last week, and I’ve had quite a bit of fun messing around with them.  This version of the Alien is my favorite version so far!  It’s got the best paint to show off the amazing sculpt that the Xenomorph figure has.  If you just want a single, basic Xenomorph, then this is the figure for you!

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