#0125: Fitness Instructor



So, just so everyone knows, I have seen the LEGO Movie, and it is indeed as awesome as it should be.  Go see it.  Go!

Okay, so now that your back, please enjoy this charming review of yet another LEGO Minifigure, from LEGO’s line of blind packaged minis.  This time, it’s the Fitness Instructor, here to get all your other LEGOs into shape, 80s style!


The Fitness Instructor was the 2nd figure in the 5th assortment of LEGO Minifigures.  She’s modeled after the fitness instructors one would see on a workout take in the late 80s and early 90s. Obviously, she’s built on the basic LEGO body, which stands about 2 inches tall and has 7 points of articulation.  Her only sculpted piece is her hair, which is one of the basic LEGO female hairpieces.  The figure features painted details on her face, torso, pelvis, and legs.  The details are actually pretty darn good, and are more intricate than one would tend to expect from a LEGO.  The figure definitely has the right look to her, with a headband leotard and clashingly colored tights, and that wonderful can-do smile that all those fitness instructors seem to have.  The Fitness Instructor has a pick boombox, which I sadly lost prior to taking the photo, and the standard black stand.


The Fitness Instructor is a great example of the LEGO minifigure line taking an idea that I have no interest in owning as a figure, and interpreting it in such a way that it’s too perfect to not own.  I truly applaud them for this.

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