#0146: Cyclops



We’re taking another one day break from Minimates because I don’t want to get too monotonous here.  I’ll be taking another look at Hasbro’s 3 ¾ inch Marvel line, Marvel Universe.  It’s a bit surprising to me that the only Marvel Universe reviews I’ve done so far are X-Men related because the majority of my MU collection is Avengers –related figures.  Oh well.

Today’s figure is a version of the X-Men’s field leader Cyclops!


This figure was released as part of the 13th wave of the Marvel Universe line.  He’s based on Cyclops’s Jim Lee-designed look from the 90s.  It’s one of those costumes where I know, deep down, that it’s not a good design, but I’ve got a huge bunch of nostalgia for it.  Thanks a lot 90s X-Men cartoon!  Cyclops stands about 4 inches tall and has 29 points of articulation.  He’s built on the later base male body.  This is in his favor, as this body was sculpted after they realized their first few body’s totally sucked.  The figure features a uniquely sculpted head, belt/bandolier, leg straps (upper and lower), wrist straps, and hands.  The head is my favorite part, perfectly capturing Cyke’s 90s look, and the straps and pouches perfectly punctuate that this was definitely a 90s design.  The paint is pretty good overall, though the hair line is a bit sloppy, and I do wish they had molded the ankle joints in yellow.  Why blue, Hasbro?  That’s just silly!


Like I said in the review, I really like this design, as terrible as it is.  This was the version I had a toy of when I was 5.  This is the version on all those worn out VHS tapes I had.  There’s some serious nostalgia there.  So, I was really happy when it was announced that this look would be appearing in Marvel Universe.  Plus, when I finally found one, Target was running a Buy-One-Get-One-Free sale on Marvel Universe figures, so I got him and a whole bunch of others!

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