#0150: T-1000



Would you check that out?  I made it to 150 reviews!  I think that’s pretty cool!  I’m gonna continue the trend with the milestone reviews and do another one of my “Deluxe Reviews”.

This is another figure produced by Hot Toys, a toy company based in Hong Kong who are renowned for their almost life like 1/6 scale figures.  They cater strictly to those with a large amount of money to spend on such things, as each figure costs anywhere from $200 to $300 on average.  They do a lot of figures to recent popular movies, but they also do some older films, like Terminator 2.  My 50th review was a look at the recently released Battle Damaged T-800, and today I’ll be looking at T2’s antagonist, the T-1000!


This figure’s pretty much a catchall of all of the looks of the T-1000 in T2.  This figure was released as part of HT’s Movie Masters Line.  He’s designated as figure 129 in that line.  He stands about 12 inches tall, and has a bunch of assorted articulation.  Like with other HT figures, the costume covers the joints, and I don’t have any plans to undress him.


The T-1000 actually includes two heads, but as with the T-800, I’ll be looking at the undamaged head here, and the other head down in the accessories section.  So, this head is obviously what the T-1000 looks like for most of the movie.  It’s a very good sculpt.  Perhaps not as spot on as some of HT’s efforts, but it’s undoubtedly Robert Patrick as the T-1000.  The expression is dead set determination, which is perfect for the character.  The paint is up to the usual HT standards, which means it’s pretty darn phenomenal.


The costume features a few sculpted parts, namely the badge and shoes, but for the most part, the costume is done through actual cloth pieces.  The tailoring on the uniform is superb, with everything very carefully handled.  Everything is well scaled, and he’s even got working pockets on his shirt.  .


T-1000 features an enormous selection of accessories, allowing you to duplicate just about every look he sports in the movie.  They are:

  • Split Head
  • Helmet
  • Sun Glasses
  • Coat
  • Biker pants
  • Boots
  • Hook Hand Constructs
  • Stabbing Construct
  • 6 interchangeable hands
  • 7 magnetic bullet wounds
  • Police belt
  • Handcuffs
  • Walkie Talkie
  • Flashlight
  • Machine Gun
  • Handgun with two extra clips
  • Display Stand

The alt head depicts the T-1000 after the T-800 splits his head with a shotgun and the T-1000’s head begins to reform.  It’s a really cool head, and looks pretty close to the scene.  I really like the way the eyes are staring off to the side.  It switches with relative ease, which is nice.

The Helmet, sunglasses, coat, pants, and boots allow you to change theT-1000 into his “Biker cop” look that he sports later in the movie.  These pieces, plus the extra head pretty much mean that you get a whole second figure included, so long as you can find a spare body, which HT just happened to sell around the time of this figure’s release.

The hook hands and blade are really great add-ons, and are very true to the character.  The transition from metal to uniform is a bit iffy, but it’s just a limitation of the medium, so I can’t really fault HT there.

There’s six hands: trigger finger (R and L), flat for running (R and L), finger wagging (L), and stabby-finger (R).  They all look really great, have some really nice poses, and offer some nice scene specific looks.

The belt attaches with little difficulty, and can hold the handcuffs, walkie talkie, flashlight, handgun, and spare clips very nicely.  All of these pieces are scaled properly and nicely sculpted, and the handgun even has all the proper moving parts.  The machine gun is also nice, and goes great with the biker look.

The bullet wounds are a neat idea.  They have magnets on them, and the figures torso has metal plates, so you can place the impact points anywhere on the front of the torso.  I wish they had put some plates on his back, so you could mix it up a bit, but it works really well as is, and makes for some cool displays.

Lastly, the T-1000 includes a black display stand with his name and the T2 logo.


The T-1000 was a Christmas gift from my parents a few years ago.  He was my fifth Hot Toys figure, and I consider him the one that officially pushed me over the edge on HT figures.  I’ve gotten quite a few HT figures since, but he still holds up as one of my very favorites from my collection!

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