#0154: Banshee



Today we’ll be jumping back to the 90s with another look at the juggernaut that was ToyBiz’s X-Men line.  I’ll be jumping way back to the beginning of the line for this one, and looking at Banshee!

For the uniformed, Banshee was a mutant with the power of sonic screams, which also allowed him to fly.  He initially started out as an X-Men villain, but it was discovered in his first appearance that he was being manipulated by a greater foe.  He rebelled and become one of the X-Men’s allies.  When the original X-Men were thought to have been killed in Giant Size X-Men #1, Banshee was brought in to join the All-New, All-Different X-men, and was a member of the team on and off for several years.  He’s been dead for a while in the comics, but he did recently appear in the movie version of X-Men: First Class.


Banshee was released as part of the 2nd wave of figures in ToyBiz’s X-Men line.  He’s based on the character’s Jim Lee-designed uniform that the character was sporting at the time.  The figure stands about 5 inches tall and features 7 points of articulation.  Sadly, the shoulder articulation is similar to the ToyBiz Black Bolt, moving up and down instead of forward and back.  I get what they were going for with the look, wanting him to be able to outstretch the wings, but I feel like it could have been done a bit better.  The sculpt is pretty good overall, and is on par to the rest of the figures in the line at the time.   Incidentally, I believe this is the only figure of Banshee to not depict him mid-scream, which does give it some added value.   One annoying thing, however, is the gaping hole in the front of the torso and the big freaking tube sticking out of his back to allow for his “scream action-feature.”  Essentially, the figure’s got a whistle in the chest to simulate his powers.  It’s a neat idea in concept, but it doesn’t really work out too well in practice.  The paint on the figure isn’t bad for the time, although it does have a few spots of slop.


I got this figure from my local comic book store, Cosmic Comix, during one of his winter sales quite a few years ago.  I recall my cousin owning one, and really wanting my own, so I was pretty happy to get the figure.  It’s not a bad figure by any means, but there were better Banshee figures to come (Though not many…).  Some of the 90s X-Men figures still hold up today, but this one kinda shows its age.

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