#0156: Hive Wars Predator



I’ve looked at NECA figures before.  Most notably, they’re responsible for the current Aliens line, which I love!  I’ve yet to look at the line that really put them on the map, which was their very impressive Predator line.

HiveWarsBoxed2HiveWarsBoxed1Initially, the line started as a tie-in to the 2010 Predators, and was just the characters from that movie.  However, NECA ultimately transitioned the line into one based on all the movies in the Predator series.  This led to quite a bit of success, but there are only so many Predators in the movies, so as the line continues, NECA has to go to some different sources for figures.  Most recently, they’ve turned to taking designs from the Kenner Predator toyline from the 90s, which proves for some … different designs.  I’ll be looking at one of those figures today.

I don’t tend to mention packaging in my reviews, but I feel this one deserves a mention.  NECA’s gone to great lengths to recreate the original Kenner packaging, down to doing their own logo in a more Kenner style.  It’s really cool and almost made me think twice about opening the figure.


The Hive Wars Predator was released in the 10th series of the Predators line.  He’s actually based on the sole predator released in the Aliens: Hive Wars line released in ’98 by Kenner.  There he was just called “Warrior Predator”, but seeing as that’s not the most distinctive name, NECA’s gone for more of a tribute to where he originally appeared.  H.W. Predator here stands about 8 inches tall and features 24 points of articulation.  Part of the idea behind the Kenner waves was that NECA could do some part reuse, but H.W. still has a new head, forearms, and calves, at the very least, possibly new hands as well, but I’m not versed enough in the Predator line to know for sure.  The figure seems to share he reused parts with the most recent release of the Jungle Hunter (Predator from the first movie for those of you not in the know), which works pretty well.  The new pieces are all very well handled, with lots of really great details.  I particularly like the arm blades and how much larger they are than any of the movie Predator’s.  The paint is perhaps the most essential piece here.  The unique color schemes are what really set the Kenner figures apart.  In H.W.’s case, that means a whole lot of blue.  It certainly makes him stand out from the rest of the line, as blue is a rare color amongst Predators.  The paint is pretty clean overall, with a decent amount of washes to bring out the sculpted details.  H.W. is armed with a shoulder cannon, which is a reuse from the Jungle Hunter and a brand new spear thing, which is very well done.


When I got into NECA’s Predator line, I picked up Dutch and the basic Jungle Hunter. And that was all I was going to get.  Then, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to get the City Hunter from Predator 2, so I got that one, but that was definitely it!  No way was I getting any more Predators.  I just didn’t need them.  I wasn’t going to falter on this one.

So, then I picked up this guy.  Yeah, it was a moment of weakness, but in my defense, he’s not technically a Predator figure.  He’s actually an Aliens figure.  And so far, I’ve been a completist of NECA’s Aliens stuff, so I certainly couldn’t pass this figure up in good conscience.  Yeah, that’s what I’m going with….

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