#0172: Hunk & Yellow Lion



Voltron Week continues with Part 2!

Yesterday, I looked at the Red Lion and its pilot Lance, the first release in Mattel’s Voltron Classics line. Today, I’m moving on to team Lion Force’s resident loveable muscle: Hunk. Hunk came packed with the Yellow Lion, which he piloted. Let’s see how that turned out!


Hunk was the second release of the line, packed with the Yellow Lion. They were put up for sale on Matty Collector in April of 2012. Hunk stands about 3 ¾ inches tall and features 18 points of articulation. His articulation is pretty much identical to that found on Lance. The knees are even more restricted here, and the hips also meet a bit of resistance, but overall, it works okay. Hunk’s sculpt is similar to that of Lance, but ultimately a bit better. Hunk’s more unique features make for a better constructed figure over all, and he doesn’t have the oddly proportioned upper arms present on Lance. Unfortunately, Hunk’s paint work isn’t quite as good as Lance’s, with some more noticeable slop, particularly around the headband and hair. Hunk includes a helmeted head, a piece of the “Blazing Sword” and a key stand.


The Yellow Lion is bigger than the previously reviewed Red Lion. It stands about 5 ½ to 6 inches tall and is about 10 inches long. It has 19 points of “articulation,” though, like the Red Lion, most of this is restricted by spring features and the like. The nature of the springs in the articulation does allow you to get a few more poses out of this one than the Red one, but nothing really substantial. The sculpt is fairly basic, with relatively little in the way of fine details, but this is in keeping with the design of the show. The paint is alright, I suppose. There are a few fuzzy lines, and I’m still not happy about the choice to use stickers in the cockpits, but it could be worse. The lion has the same two action features as the Red Lion, plus a button to allow the robot to be disconnected once it’s been attached to Voltron, an extra neck joint so the lion’s head can be used as a foot, and a piece that swings down to make the foot more stable. The old stuff is still rather pointless here, but the additional features do all adds something of value, which is appreciated.


Like with Lance and the Red Lion, I had to get on Mattel’s site at noon the day this set was released in order to insure I got them. Hunk wasn’t too difficult to get, but I did have to go through more wait screens this time around, and he sold out faster than Lance. Thus began the uphill climb on acquiring the figures.

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