Action Figures For The Questioning #008: Build-A-Figure

I’ve been in the action figure world for about 20 years.  So, it’s safe to say I’ve got a fair bit of knowledge on the terms that tend to be thrown around by collectors with little or no explanation as to what they mean.  I generally try to explain a concept on its first appearance on this site, but much as Stan Lee once said to assume every comic book was somebody’s first, I too must assume that every review on this site might be the first to be read by a new visitor.  As such, I’ve decided to put together a guide to some of the more frequently used terms and names that might show up.



What is it?:

A way of releasing larger or less desirable characters.  The figure is divided into several pieces and a piece is included with each figure in a given series.  It is common for figures in that series to be related to the Build-A-Figure in some way, but not necessary.


The idea was pioneered by Marvel Legends, where it was used to release larger characters such as Galactus and the Sentinel.



What is it?:

The Mattel equivalent of a Build-A-Figure.  Exactly the same idea, just under a different name.


Used in just about every series of DC Universe Classics, for characters such as the Ultra Humanite

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