#0247: Henshin Yellow




Time for a small history lesson. Back in the 60s, when the original GI Joe was all the rage, Japanese toymakers Takara decided they wanted to make a similar line, but in Japan. However, they didn’t have the budget to actually clothe the figures, and not wanting to make a scene by selling them naked, they instead cast them is clear plastic and filled them with assorted mechanical pieces to make them look robotic. This new line was dubbed Henshin Cyborg, and it was eventually scaled down to 3 ¾ inch scale and dubbed Microman. In the late 70s, Microman was brought to the US by Mego, under the name Micronauts. The line wasn’t a huge hit, but it did moderately well and it spawned quite a loyal following of fans. Fans who also tended to be fans of Mego’s more successful 8 inch lines. So, Castaway Toys, a company known for Mego-styled figures, has decided to bridge the gap with Henshin X!


This figure is part of the first release of Henshin X figures. He’s one of the heroic figures, and his look is inspired by the Micronauts Time Traveler. The figure stands 8 inches tall and features 24 points of articulation. He’s built on Castaway Toys’ now standard body, which is a reworking of the Type 2 Mego body. The body has been redesigned to give it extra articulation at the elbows, knees, and ankles, as well as eliminate the need for a rubber band to hold the arms and legs in. This is a great improvement, as it means the figure is more sturdy and less likely to spontaneously fall apart. In addition to the basic body, he has a new head sculpt inspired by the old Microman/Micronauts head. He also features a piece with various gears and vents inserted into his torso for added texture. The paintwork isn’t anything too complex, mostly just pieces being painted a solid color, but that does mean everything is clean. The figure’s back, arms, and legs have been painted with a translucent yellow paint, to give the appearance of being molded in said color, and the head has been painted silver to replicate the vac-metallized heads of the figures that inspired this one. The figure includes three pairs of hands: relaxed, trigger finger, and fists. The fists are my personal favorites, but all of them look great, and I’m happy to have the option.


I bought this guy at Mego Meet, a Mego themed convention that happens every year in Wheeling, West Virginia. Castaway Toys had a table set up, and this was their brand new item for this year. They had made up a small quantity of these “promo”-types to gage interest in the line, and see what people thought of them. Being a collector of cool action figures, as well as a pretty big fan of Micronauts, I was thrilled to see such a cool set of figures. I only had enough for one, but I hope that Castaway persues this as a full production line, as I’d love to get the rest of the figures that they had present at the event. This figure is a whole lot of fun, and that’s the best kind of action figure!

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    • Sadly, The one I have was from a limited production run Castaway did to gauge interest. They said they were planning to do more through a factory and China, but so far nothing’s come of it. I wish I had somewhere to direct you to get them! Heck, I wish I knew where to get the ones I don’t have!

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