#0253: Captain America – Rescue Version




Today continues my first real look into the seedy underbelly of toys: Bootlegs! Yesterday, I took a look at Black Lantern Hal Jordan, who provided me a chance to acquire one of my favorite characters, albeit in a slightly less default look, in the Lego style. Today, I’ll be jumping over to the Marvel side, with a one of my favorite non-default looks of a character.


Captain America is just as much a bootleg as yesterday’s Black Lantern, which means he’s not officially tied to any series, outside of the vague “S-World Minfigures” printed on his display stand. Unlike Hal, I haven’t even been able to tie this one to a larger set. He’s just here. Cap stands about 2 inches tall and has 7 points of articulation. He’s built on the bootlego body, which is a near perfect replica of the real Lego body. The figure is based on Cap’s “Rescue” look from Captain America: The First Avenger, which is a look I quite like. He features one add-on, a helmet, which seems to be a bootleg of the piece used on Lego’s green army men from Toy Story. The figure’s paint is once again impressive for such a back alley figure. The eyes are perhaps a bit soulless, and the helmet has been incorrectly adorned with a star instead of the proper A, but otherwise, everything looks pretty great. The figure is accessorized with a shield (based on his pre-circular one), a machine gun and a display stand.


As with Black Lantern, I picked Cap up from a dealer at Mego Meet, before fully knowing the details of his creation. Cap is actually still more of a mystery to me than the other two I picked up, as I have yet to find any evidence of other people having this one. Nevertheless, I’m a big fan of this particular design for the character, and I was thrilled to be able to acquire in yet another style, even if he is less than official.

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