#0254: Cyclops




Okay, one last look into the dark back alley of toy collecting that is bootleg toys! I’ve looked at Black Lantern and Captain America, now I move on to the franchise that actually introduced me to the world of bootlegs, X-Men! See, back in the 90s, I so loved X-Men figures that I actually ended up with at least one knock off, but that’s a story for another review. Today, let’s take a look at Cyclops.


Cyclops is yet another Bootlego from the very generically named “S-World Minifigures” line. As with Cap, I haven’t been able to tie him to any particular set. Cyclops is about 2 inches tall and has 7 points of articulation. He’s on the same Bootlego body seen before, which is an impressive mock of the original. He looks to be based on Cyclops’s 90s look, which is also the main look he sports in the Lego Marvel video game. His one add-on piece is a hairpiece, which is the same as the one used on Black Lantern, which is in turn a copy of one of Lego’s basic hairpieces. Cyclops’s paint is perhaps the least impressive of the three bootlegs I picked up, but it’s still surprisingly good for a bootleg. The only real issue is that the yellow used is a bit too thinly applied, which allows the colors under it to bleed through. Cyclops is accessorized with two Lego antennae cast in translucent red plastic and a black display stand. I assume that the antennae are meant to simulate Cyclops’s optic blasts, but they just end up looking goofy. Also, the stand is notably not the new piece seen on the other two, but rather a copy of Lego’s own minifigure stand.


Like the previous two Bootlegos, Cyclops was purchased from a dealer at Mego Meet, prior to my knowledge of their sketchy nature. I’m actually quite fascinated by how close to the real thing all three of these were. I’m also impressed by the fact that these have such a large selection of lesser characters and looks. Obviously someone involved with S-World Minifigures is a comics fan who wanted more characters.


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