#0264: Puck




One of the most overlooked superhero teams is Alpha Flight. If you’re going “Whaaaa?” at the name, allow me to fill you in. Alpha Flight is the premier Canadian superhero team, sort of like the Canadian Avengers. Marvel’s tried to push them on the general population a few times in the past, but they’ve never really caught on outside of the hardcore fans. Anyway, one of their more memorable members (in my opinion) is Puck, whose power is that he’s short. Or something. So, he’s got a figure from Hasbro’s Marvel Universe line, which I’ll be looking at today.


Puck was released as part of Series 20 of the Marvel Universe line. The figure features 17 points of articulation, and stands about 2 ½ inches tall, which puts him about right for a 3 ¾ inch line. Puck appears to be an all new sculpt. The sculpt is short and stocky, which is perfect for Puck. The head sits a little bit too high, and the neck is a tad too thin, which makes his head look a little bobbly, but otherwise, everything looks great. The paint work is pretty decent. The eyes are a bit googly, and the hair on his arms and legs might be a tad uniform, but overall it’s all clean and without slop and bleed over. Puck includes a white bird, which I assume is meant to be teammate Snowbird in her…uh, snowbird form, which is a repaint of Falcon’s pet bird Redwing.


Puck isn’t one of my favorite characters, but I don’t mind the character. He’s certainly one of my favorite Alpha Flight characters. Anyway, I hadn’t intended to pick up the Marvel Universe version of the character, mostly due him being full price, but only half the size. However, I was at my local mall’s Disney store with my friend Tim, and, in addition to the previously reviewed Winter Soldier, I also came across a poor lone Puck figure, marked down to $3. For less than half of his original value, I was more than happy to pick up Puck for my modest MU collection. Sure, I don’t own any other Alpha Flight members in this scale, but Puck’s a decent enough figure on his own.

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    • You know, I never actually came across her in in the wild, and by this point I was kind of falling out of the whole scale, so I just waited until the Legends release

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