#0290: GM Sniper K9




Hey, remember that time I reviewed a model kit? Yep, I’m doing it again. It also happens to wrap up the official entries in the Birthday Stuff Reviews, so how ‘bout that? Yep, I’ve gotten another of Bandai’s Gundam snap-kits, and I’ve finally got it all put together. Let’s see how this one went, shall we?


GMSniperWilsonToday’s figure is the GM Sniper K9, who is apparently “Build Fighter Renato Brothers Custom Made Mobile Suit.” He seems to be something of a basic suit, with a sniper flair to him. He’s figure #010 in Bandai’s HG Build Fighters model line, at least I think. I’m not incredibly well versed in Gundam, and the package is mostly in Japanese. The figure is in 1/144 scale, so he stands roughly 5 inches tall and he features 36 points of articulation. Going by the front of the package and a few of the images I’ve been able to find online, the figure seems to be pretty much accurate to the design of the suit from the various media. The sculpt is definitely clean and sharp, and the parts of the model all snap together really nicely, which is a huge plus, without doubt. The kit wouldn’t be worth much if it didn’t fit together. The figure doesn’t feature any paint. Instead, the details are conveyed through clever placement of a few different colors of plastic paired with the application of a small handful of decals. I did notice that the decals were a bit more tricky to apply here than on Nemo, but that might be more the nature of the design. The figure includes a nice selection of accessories, including several sets of interchangeable hands, two beam swords, a machine gun, a rifle, two pistols, a knife, a shield and a sniper K9, which the figure gets its name from. The K9 could almost be a figure in its own right, with roughly 16 points of articulation. That’s pretty darn cool!

GMSniper4 GMSniper2


The Sniper here was a birthday gift from my best friend Tim. I showed him Nemo, and how impressive a figure it was, so he decided to get me another one to go with him. I believe his exact words on why he chose this one were “It’s got a freaking sniper dog!” (okay, I might be paraphrasing the slightest). The Sniper has a pretty sweet design in his own right, and he offered a pretty fun building experience, so I’d call that a win-win.


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