#0306: Drax & Korath




I sure hope you guys liked Guardians of the Galaxy, because the GOTG reviews are just beginning! The cool thing about the merchandise for the movie is that there’s several different options scale and style-wise. Hasbro has two main scales: 6 inch and 2 ½ inch. I’ve already taken a look at all the figures in the 6 inch line, so I’ve moved on to the 2 ½ inch. I already looked at Groot, Rocket, and a Nova Corps Officer, all of which I quite enjoyed. Now I’ll be looking at Drax and Korath. Let’s see if they live up to the first set.

These two were part of the first, and right now only, series of Hasbro’s 2 ½ inch Guardians of the Galaxy line. The two don’t have a whole lot of interaction in the movie, but they had that one fight scene, so it’s not a bad pairing.


Drax&KorathWilson1This marks the fourth time I’ve reviewed a Drax figure on this site. I don’t think I saw that coming. Drax clocks in at just over 2 ½ inches in height and features 5 points of articulation. Drax’s sculpt isn’t bad, though it’s not quite as good as Groot or the Nova Officer. The details are a lot simpler. For instance, the tattoos are completely painted on this figure. It’s understandable at this scale, but it does make him a bit more generic looking. The legs provide a bit more detailing, which is nice. Curiously, he has a knife sheath on his right leg, but not his left. He has a sheath on both legs in the movie, so it’s odd to see only one present. Drax’s top half is molded in a pale green, and his bottom half is molded in a maroon, with a few paint apps to fill in the missing colors. There seems to be an inconsistency with the shade of Drax’s skin. On the Minimate it seemed to dark, and here it seems too gray. The painted details all seem pretty good. The tattoos are nice and clean, and there doesn’t seem to be any slop or bleed over.


Drax&KorathWilson2Poor Korath. He’s a fairly important character, and this is his only action figure throughout all of the Guardians lines. I suppose that’s bound to happen with a cast as large as GOTG’s. He made out better than the Collector or any of the named Nova’s, so he’s got that going for him. Korath is almost 2 ½ inches exact in height, and he features the standard 5 points of articulation. Where Drax has a simple sculpt, Korath’s is a great deal more detailed. All of his armor is properly decorated, and the rest of his uniform has some pretty great texturing too. Korath is molded in three differently colored plastics: flesh tone for his head, silver for the torso and arms, and a dark gray for the legs. The rest of the coloring is painted, and the paint apps seem to be pretty decent. He’s got no real slop or bleed over, nor obviously missing details like the Nova Corps Officer.

Like the previous set, these two included a selection of random accessories. There looks to be a blade, an axe, and the obligatory missile launcher. I think the blade goes with Drax, but other than that I don’t have a clue. At least I could make out what most of them were this time!



After getting Groot, Rocket & the Nova guy, I was definitely interested in getting more of this line. While walking through Target with Super Awesome Girlfriend, I came across most of the remaining sets from the line. However, we walked down the next aisle, and I discovered the Star Wars: The Black Series Speeder Bike (Check out the review here). I only had money for one or the other, so I went to put the Guardians figures back. Living up to her name, yet again, Super Awesome Girlfriend informed me that I wouldn’t be putting them back, because she would buy them for me. Yay!

Drax is kinda meh, but I actually really like how Korath turned out. Like the Nova Corps Officer, he’s surprisingly detailed, and makes up for the lack of the character in the 6-inch line. Hasbro really pulled in their A-game on the secondary characters, and it’s what makes this smaller line really work!


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