#0314: Atlas




I’m not much of a video gamer. It’s not to say I don’t enjoy playing them, but I’m not devoted like some. One of the big things that does pull me into a game is multiplayer capability and cooperative modes. One of the best Co-op modes in recent years has to be Portal 2, which really hits home the need for the players to, you know, cooperate. My brother Christian and I had a great time playing through the game, and we both wanted a set of the figures based on the Co-op mode’s stars, Atlas and P-Body. Christian’s already taken a look at his set, and now it’s time for me to look at mine. I looked at P-Body yesterday, now let’s look at the other half of this dynamic robotic duo, Atlas!


AtlasWilsonAtlas was released in tandem with P-Body in the second series of Portal 2 figures from NECA. Atlas is a little shorter than P-Body at just over 7 inches tall and he features 15 points of articulation. Possibly more, but it’s a bit hard to tell with this figure. I’m hesitant to move some pieces, given the fragility of the design. Just like P-Body, Atlas features an all-new sculpt. It looks like a pretty straight recreation of Atlas’s design from the game. All the details look spot on, which is really great. Again, like P-Body, the sculpt and design lead to some decreased articulation, which is annoying, but comes with the territory. The design of the lower legs and feet also makes Atlas a bit wobbly, so he has a tendency to shelf dive. The paintwork on Atlas is all pretty clean. There’s a few areas of fuzzy lines, and a few small instances of bleed over, but overall it looks pretty good. Atlas adds a light up feature to the list of traits shared with P-body. Atlas’s light seems a bit dimmer than P-Body’s, which seems more accurate to the game. Still not something I see being left on long term, but cool nonetheless. Atlas also includes a portal gun, which has been detailed with blues to match Atlas’s color scheme and lights up a nice purple color.


Atlas was part of a set with P-Body, which I purchased from Big Bad Toy Store. Even though I’m ususally the second player, aka P-Body, I have to admit I think Atlas features the better design. It just seems to work a bit better. The figure is a very nice representation of that design. Stability issues aside, it’s a pretty great figure, certainly worth the purchase if you’re a fan of the game.


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