#0326: Kaylee Frye




You have to give some credit to Funko. They somehow have the ability to get every license ever. Is there some property you’ve been dying to see some toys from? Because odds are good that Funko currently holds the license for that property. I think part of the reason they are able to secure so many licenses is just the sheer amount of product they are able to put out. When they announced their partnership with Super 7 to produce the ReAction line, which is a line of figures done in the style of the 80s Star Wars line from Kenner, they didn’t hold back. They announced over 50 figures from numerous properties, all in one shot. Amongst those properties was fan favorite Firefly. The figures certainly aren’t for everyone, but I was rather excited. Today, I’ll be taking a look at the ship’s every cheerful mechanic, Kaylee!


kayleeWilsonKaylee was released as part of the first series of Firefly ReAction Figures. She stands just shy of 3 ¾ inches tall and features those same faithful 5 points of articulation as the rest of the ReAction line. She’s dressed in her typical jumpsuit with a colorful shirt underneath look, sort of the inverse of Wash’s look. Kaylee is unfortunately a character that is a bit let down by this particular style of figure. Putting it lightly, the figure isn’t as pretty as Kaylee was on the show. That being said, this isn’t entirely the fault of the sculpt. The sculpt is far from perfect, but it doesn’t do a terrible job of capturing Kaylee. One notable thing: Kaylee is far too skinny. It’s a fairly known fact that Joss Whedon had actress Jewel Staite put on a little bit of weight so that she would, in his words, “look like she enjoyed a cheeseburger occasionally.” Making her too skinny sort of robs the figure of character. At first glance, the worst aspect of the sculpt is the head, which bears next to no resemblance to actress Jewel Staite. Further examination reveals that it’s not the sculpt that is the issue, but rather the paint. The head’s still a little off, but it’s not as terrible as the paint would leave you to believe. The main issue with the paint work on the figure, particularly the head, is misalignment. Looking at the figure’s face, it’s pretty clear that the eyes are meant to sit down a bit lower. The misplacement ends up making her look rather strange. The rest of the paint isn’t terrible, but there are numerous areas where it seems the paint has just slightly missed its mark. Like Zoe, the paint on the figure looks alright as a whole, but examining each piece it looks pretty bad. Kaylee’s only accessory is a small wrench. I guess it makes some sense, since she’s a mechanic, but she wasn’t actually seen carrying a wrench on many occasions. What’s more, the figure can’t even really hold it, making it even more pointless. I can appreciate Funko’s movement to give the figure a little more value, but I feel like something like the box with the strawberry or her paper umbrella from the pilot might have made for more appropriate pieces.

Kaylee2 Kaylee3


I got Kaylee from Amazon, at the same time as the rest of the first series (sans Wash). Kaylee was my second favorite character on the show, after Wash, so this was a figure I was kind of looking forward to. Sadly, I think Kaylee is the figure I was most let down by in this first series. She’s not the worst in the series (I’ll get to that tomorrow), but she isn’t as good as she could be. To be fair, a decent coat of paint would do a lot to redeem the figure, so it could be possible to make the figure a little better if you want to put the effort in. All that being said, I can’t help but enjoy the figure. It’s irrational, but there it is.


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