#0340: T800 Endoskeleton – Chrome



Well, it seems I’ve been bitten by the ReAction bug. I had mixed feelings about the quality of the Firefly figures, but the pros outweighed the cons, and just the sheer volume of characters available in the style meant it was pretty easy for Funko to pull me back in. One of the early properties announced for the line was James Cameron’s The Terminator, of which I’m a pretty big fan. I mean, it’s no Aliens, but it’s one of the top sci fi films of the 80s. It also has the notoriety of being one of the announced ReAction properties that was released somewhat closely to the figures of the style that this line is going for. Today, I’ll be getting under the skin of the titular Terminator, with the T800 Endoskeleton!


The T800 Endoskeleton was released as part of The Terminator ReAction Figures line, under Funko’s wider ReAction Figures umbrella. The Endoskeleton is 4 inches in height and features the line’s standard 5 points of articulation. The figure is of course based on the design of the T800, specifically from the first Terminator movie. However, this is the Chrome version of the figure, which more accurately coveys the sheen of the T800 in Terminator 2. That being said, the vac metalized look is probably more accurate to the Kenner style. Fortunately, Funko has given fans the choice between two different sheens. Anyway, the sculpt is all new to this figure, and it’s pretty great. It manages to capture the complex design of the T800, which at the same time maintaining the more simplistic aesthetic of the rest of the ReAction line. The head is a little on the large side, but it’s not too bad, and it maintains the same quality as the rest of the sculpt. Obviously, the Endoskeleton isn’t a design that requires much paint, especially in the case of a chromed version, but Funko hasn’t cheeped out. The head features properly painted eyes and teeth, both of which are very well done, with no slop or bleed over. The Endoskeleton includes no accessories. It would have been nice to get a plasma rifle or something, but the Endo isn’t actually seen wielding any weaponry until T2, so I guess the lack of accessories is accurate.


The Endoskeleton was ordered from Amazon, along with the rest of the first series of The Terminator ReAction Figures. When the ReAction Figures were first announced, the chrome Endo was one of the first ones I really wanted. The Endo design is incredibly distinctive, and definitely one of the more memorable killer robot designs out there. The figure isn’t perfect. He feels a bit on the frail side, and I’m uncertain of how long the chrome will last. That being said, he’s a fun little figure, and I whole-heartedly recommend him to even moderate fans of The Terminator.

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