#0349: Luke Skywalker



I’d be lying if I said my interest in Hasbro’s Star Wars: The Black Series hadn’t waned a bit. Following the first and second series, I was incredibly excited for the line and eager to see what more the line would offer. However, with the long waiting periods between each series, as well as some cuts in the accessories included with each figure, plus a lack of interest in any of the figures in the fourth series on my part, I’ve become more… moderate in my interest. Still, the more recent Speeder Bike did reinvigorate my interest a bit. In an odd turn of events, Walgreens has begun carrying their own action figure exclusives, and in addition to one exclusive figure, they are also getting the newest series of The Black Series before other stores. Today, I’ll be looking at the most recent figure of Luke Skywalker.


Luke was released in the fifth series of Star Wars: The Black Series. It looks as though Hasbro has reset the numbering on the figures, as Luke is listed as #03, which was previously the number given to the Sandtrooper from series one. He’s based on Luke’s Jedi master look from Return of the Jedi, specifically from the second half of the film, after he’s lost the vest. It’s an important look for Luke, so we were bound to get him sooner or later. The figure is a little shy of 6 inches in height and he features 27 points of articulation. I’m glad to see they’ve gone back to the usual mix of one forward/back and one left/right joint for his wrists, rather than the two forward back we saw on Bespin Luke. The figure is has no boot cuts, which is a bit limiting, but not terrible. The figure’s sculpt is all-new, and it’s not bad. At first glance, it seems he’s too skinny, but a quick look at some pictures of Hamill from the film show it’s accurate. There’s a lot of great detail work in his uniform, with lots of folds and wrinkles for texture, which is great. The likeness on this figure is better than that of Bespin Luke, but I can’t help but feel the actually quality of the sculpt isn’t quite as good. It feels like the details aren’t as sharp on this one. But, it’s hard to tell because of: The Paint! Yeah, the paint on this figure is definitely a step down from previous releases. The colors are a lot flatter, the hair doesn’t quite stay in the sculpted lines, and then there are the pupils. Apparently, this figure is meant to depict Luke shortly after a trip to the eye doctor, because those pupils are seriously dilated. With some slight improvements to the paint, the sculpt would probably be shown off much better. Luke includes his green lightsaber from Jedi and an alternate front to his torso with the flap folded down. The lightsaber is nice, but the package has left it slightly warped. The alternate flap is a nice touch, and it allows for some variance in the display options.


So, as you probably figured out from the intro, I got this Luke figure from Walgreens. There are actually no Walgreens nearby, so I figured I’d just wait till the proper release. However, I was visiting my Super Awesome Girlfriend for the weekend, and I noticed a Walgreens not far from her campus. Living up to her name, she insisted we go there. So, I found Luke and Vader there, which was definitely cool. The figure isn’t flawless, and I’m beginning to grow weary of the endless Luke variants, but he’s not bad overall. It’s an important look for the character, and it’s a decent enough figure. If Hasbro could work on improving the paint work and perhaps start giving the figures a few more accessories, he’d be even better!

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    • I personally wouldn’t mind a version that fixed some of the issues with the Series 4 version, but I can see why that would be worrisome to people who want a more diverse character selection. Hopefully Hasbro can keep it in check.

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