#0351: The Tenth Doctor



It’s a Doctor Who review!  Those are becoming more and more frequent, aren’t they?

For several years, the Doctor Who line chugged along in the 5 inch scale. It didn’t really fit with other contemporary lines (5 inch is really a 90s scale), but at least there was some internal consistency. Recently, however, Character Options opted to move the line to 3 ¾ inch scale. This provided a bit of an issue for people that had been collecting the larger line, and also left some pretty big holes in the smaller collection. Character Options is on board with filling those holes, because it means they get to do yet another release of each of the heavy hitters! The most recent series features a small scale take on the fan-favorite Tenth Doctor. Let’s see how that one turned out!


The Tenth Doctor was released in the third series of the smaller scale Doctor Who line. He’s 3 ¾ inches in height and he sports 14 points of articulation. Seems the doctor has traded in his larger counterpart’s hinged hips for a set of hinged shoulders. It means he has the same number of points of articulation, but he can do a little bit more with the shoulder movement than the hip movement, so it’s a good move on their part. Ten features an all-new sculpt, depicting him in his signature pinstripe suit and long coat. Even at the smaller scale, I must admit, the sculpt on this figure improves on the larger figure in almost every way. The likeness on the Doomsday Doctor’s head was pretty good, and this one is even better. That’s very definitely Tennant. I’m also glad to see the long coat, as the Doomsday figure didn’t have that. The biggest improvement on this figure is that the suit is a much better fit, not too bulky at all. That’s nice to see. While the sculpt is a definite improvement from the previous Ten, the paint sadly isn’t. It’s not terrible, mind you. It’s just that the Doomsday Doctor had stellar paint, and this figure’s paint is just okay There’s a few bits of slop here and there, and things like the details on his tie just look off here. Ten includes his sonic screw driver and a red DW logo base. The sonic isn’t as nice here as the larger one, but that’s to be expected. I have no use for the stand, but I guess it’s nice that it’s there.


So, it’s a Doctor Who review. You can probably guess who I got this figure from. Yep, this is another figure purchased for me by my Super Awesome Girlfriend. While we were at Walgreens looking for Star Wars: The Black Series figures, we discovered that Walgreens also carried the smaller scale Doctor Who figures. I expressed interest in the Ten figure, so she bought it for me. Isn’t that nice of her?

The figure is really good. I still like the Doomsday Doctor for his own pluses, but this figure definitely has led me to consider what the smaller scale has to offer. In the meantime, this can be my “Travel Doctor”! Allons-y!

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  1. It’s nice to finally have a 3.75″ Tennant to go with my Matt Smith. I should have waited for the inevitable non-trenchcoat version, but no regrets really. This one is based on his more recent appearance in the anniversary special, so it’s nice to have a younger and older Tennant figure even if they’re on different scales.

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