Guest Review #0014: Isa – v1

ISA v.1



Today’s review is written by Tim Marron.  Check out more from Tim over at Tim’s Blarg and Timsical Thoughts.  Take it away Tim!

When it comes to fighting Deathless and their hordes of daeril, brute strength will only get you so far. Sometimes you need a little finesse to get the job done. Cue Siris’ sprightly feminine counterpart, Isa, to twist some necks. She also happens to be the second figure I’ll be reviewing in my growing collection of Infinity Blade figures.


IsaV1aAlthough her debut appearance was in Infinity Blade 2, Isa was not playable as a character until the third game. Her figures are based on the many possible wardrobe options in IB3. This version, in the small size, has her equipped with the Perconis helm, Forbidden Armor, Illorium (sometimes Ellorium) sword, and Honor Guard brace striking the “Zenith” pose. Like Siris, Isa’s sculpt is basically dead on, being taken from the game’s models. Certain areas like the ribbon on her helmet and the wing/fin things on her back are quite impressive for 3D printing. In a classic sculpture move, there is a little tree stump right next to her leg and sword to add a bit of structural support without leaving the figure looking unfinished. It’s not a bad feature, in fact, as far as obligatory tree stumps go it was handled pretty well. The only thing is that, in order to have Isa’s sword touching the stump, looking carefully, it seems like they may have bend the blade ever so slightly to achieve contact. That being said, it’s a minor gripe about an overall fantastic sculpt. The color on this model is right on par with my previous Siris figure: looks great overall with one or two minor splotchy areas. In Isa’s case they are on her brace and sword, both of which are fairly small in terms of surface area so I can forgive them looking a little fuzzy. Isa comes with no accessories and has no articulation, but we knew that already, didn’t we?

IsaV1fIsaV1b IsaV1e IsaV1d


After my purchase of my Siris v.1 figure, Sandboxr, the company that does the actual printing, was nice enough to send me an offer for $5 off my next order. Needless to say I was very quick to send in my Isa’s design for printing. Then, because this is how the world works, the day after I placed my order, I got an email notifying me that Infinity Blade prints by Sandboxr were 20% off. To make a pretty short story even shorter, expect another Siris review very soon. And then probably more of both after that. I gotta wonder though, do you think Siris works for Sandboxr? Because they did a pretty good job of having her… immortalized.

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