#0382: Pretzel Girl



There’s no doubt that LEGO is the king of construction toys. However, in the world of block and mini figures, they have a bit of competition. They seem to have found their niche, though, focusing on fun character archetypes, which can be used to populate many of their building sets. I don’t follow the line religiously, but I do pick up a pack every now and then. Today, I’ll be looking at “The Pretzel Girl.”


The Pretzel Girl is figure #3 in Series 11 of LEGO Minifigures. She appears to be somewhat based on a German servant girl type of look, although pretzel’s aren’t what they’re most associated with serving. It seems they’ve tweaked her ever so slightly to make her more all-ages friendly, which is completely understandable. She’s about 2 inches tall and she’s got the usual 7 points of articulation. Like all the others in this line, she uses the basic LEGO body as a starting point, with a sculpted hairpiece and a cloth skirt added to complete the look. The hair is new to this figure, and it has the proper braided look. The skirt is handled in much the same way as capes are, just around her waist instead of her neck. Everything else on the figure is handled using painted details, which are all quite well done. Everything is nice and cleanly applied; all the detail lines are nice and sharp. Most of the detail work is on her face and torso, which are both great, but there is also some added color on her feet to represent shoes. Such things are traditionally not present on LEGOs, so it’s nice to see them here. The Pretzel Girl includes, unsurprisingly, a pretzel, as well as the usual minifigure display stand.


The Pretzel Girl was picked up at the same time as The Barbarian I reviewed last year. I picked up a decent selection of blind bag figures, and she happened to be in the set. I wouldn’t say she’s a figure I was dying to have, but she’s a solid minifigure. And, as an added bonus, she works really well as crowd filler for a large display of LEGOs!

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