Guest Review #0016: Siris V2




Today’s review is written by Tim Marron.  Check out more from Tim over at Tim’s Blarg and Timsical Thoughts.  Take it away Tim!

Here we go, strolling over the crest of a hill to overlook a scenic vista of some old vaguely gothic castle and announcing quietly, “Siris, I will review you.” Yes, I have more of Infinity Blade‘s lead character for you today and this time he’s changed his outfit. Let’s take a look at my second version of him. Start Bloodline 2.


SirisV2eFor those unfamiliar, one of the main game mechanics of the Infinity Blade series is the abundance of weapon and armor options from which to earn experience points which have to be swapped out for different gear once they are “mastered”. You know, like when you have to change clothes because you get too good at wearing them…? I mean, that’s what I do, at least, but we’re getting side-tracked here. This version of Siris shows him wearing the Dark Plate armor, Dark Plate Helm, and wielding the Poison Scythe sword. The Poison Scythe is a dual weapon in the game so, in this case, he has no shield. Also, Siris is posed in the Glory pose and is sculpted in the small 3.5″ scale. I can’t say much about the sculpt that I haven’t said already, aside from one thing. Viewed in the game, Siris’ right arm is held out to the side more, resulting in the sword being at about hip height. It seems that the people at Sandboxr adjusted the model so that now the tip of the sword touches the ground. I understand why they might have done this, but it makes the pose feel a bit more static than I would have liked. The colors are all well applied and definitely look true-to-game though a little bit more contrast in the sword would be nice. As before, Siris includes no accessories and no articulation.

SirisV2b SirisV2d SirisV2cSirisV2Game


I actually received this figure in the mail at the same time as my Isa v.1 figure. I thought the initial Siris was very new and clean looking so I tried going for the opposite with this one when kitting him out. Plus, it gave me a reason to give him the Poison Scythe, which is based off an Egyptian sword called a khopesh, and I’m a big fan of khopeshes. It is a little irritating that they lowered his sword arm so much and I would have maybe liked an extra coat of the varnish, but he’s still a good figure and I may actually like this one just a bit more than Siris v.1. Perhaps his descendants will fare even better.

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