#0415: Batman



Danananananananananananananana na, Batman! Hey guys, you know what’s awesome? If you said “Batman: The Animated Series,” you are correct. Also, you should really stop reading my mind. It’s very rude.

The only thing more awesome than a super cool cartoon is a super cool toyline. The toys released at the time of Batman: The Animated Series weren’t bad, but they were limited by what could be done with toys at the time. Enter DC Collectibles, who have just launched a brand-new line of 6-inch scale figures based on the series. Each figure has a show accurate sculpt, plenty of articulation, and tons of accessories, making these possibly the greatest Batman toys of all time. Today, I’ll be looking at the line’s first figure of the main man himself, Batman!


Batman is part of the first series of DC Collectibles’ Batman: The Animated Series line, which apparently isn’t so much of a series as it is a loose grouping of figures being released around the same time. Batman is number 01 in the line. Batman is about 6 inches tall and features 26 points of articulation. Batman is based on his appearance from the show’s second incarnation, Batman: The New Adventures. This has caused a bit of controversy due to some fans wanting the original look first, but have no fear, that look has been slotted for Series 4. Batman features an all-new sculpt, which simply put is fantastic. Rendering a 2D design in 3D is no easy feat, but this figure manages to be an almost perfect recreation of the design. It’s truly an amazing piece. What amazes me even more is how well they’ve worked in the articulation. Part of the reason the older figures were so under-articulated is that the character designs don’t really lend themselves to sturdy joints, but DCC has really made it work. Perhaps the one area where this figure could stand to be improved is the paint. It’s not terrible, but there are some things that really stand out. The biggest issue with my figure is something I’ve actually already fixed. The paint on the nose of his cowl extended way too far down on the left side. A quick examination of other figures showed that this was a definite fluke, but make sure yours doesn’t have that issue. A quick bit of work with some nail polish remover provided an easy fix, but I’d rather not have to do such things. Other than that, there’s just some general sloppiness, especially on the symbol. Another issue is that since almost the entire figure is painted, there are some problems with stuck joints. The hip on my figure won’t budge. All that aside, the paint is mostly clean, it’s very even, and the finish looks fantastic. When the prototype of this figure was first shown, there was some concern about the cape hanging over the shoulders and blocking the movement of the arms. Fortunately, DCC listened and changed the cape to the swept back look he has now. But they didn’t want to deprive fans of the show accurate over the shoulder look, so that piece has also been included as an accessory. By popping off the head, the cape can easily swap out, with no issues. In addition to the cape, Batman also includes a batarang, a grappling hook (with removable hook), 7 extra hands in varying poses(two relaxed, two gripping, two for holding batarangs, and one with the grapple sculpted in place), and a display stand featuring the character design sheet. The plentiful accessories are a welcome change to DCC figures, which tend to be rather barebones.


I picked up Batman from my local comic store, Cosmic Comix. I went back and forth on whether I wanted to get into this line. I like the idea, but I must admit the early prototype pictures were just “meh.” My opinion changed when I saw them on display at a few of the conventions, and when I eventually saw this guy in person, I just couldn’t say no. Truth be told, this is the best Batman figure I’ve ever owned, and he is perhaps the best Batman ever made.  Sure, the paint could use some work, but other than that, this figure is all win. I can’t wait to get the rest of the line.

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