Guest Review #0022: Isa V2

ISA v.2



The following is a guest review by Tim Marron. For more from Tim, check outTimsical Thoughts and Tim’s Blarg.

Aha! You’d forgotten about these, hadn’t you? I can’t blame you, it’s been a while. But yes, Infinity Blade, this time it’s my second version of Siris’s buddy Isa. She’s number four of my six IB figures to date, so we’re just gonna power right on through.


IsaV2eAs with all of these figures, Isa is based on one of her many possible looks in Infinity Blade 3. In this version, I’ve dressed her up in the Shard Plate armor, Wraith helm, and Akkash arm guard, wielding Slicer. She is posed in the Poise pose (which sounds like the start of a tongue twister), standing roughly three and a half inches tall and with the usual zero articulation. The sculpt is mostly pretty well done keeping up with the slightly more modern look of her armor, the helmet in particular has an impressive level and sharpness of detail. As with the previous Isa figure, there’s a little stump of a tree on the stand, but I’m not sure why since this one doesn’t have the same structural concerns. The one pretty glaring issue is the sword. I guess the printing method has trouble forming hard straight edges but the sword is meant to be smooth, not the jagged oversized shiv it looks like she’s holding. I’m sure it’s nothing a careful application of a Dremel couldn’t fix, but I’m not sure exactly how fragile these are and don’t want to risk damaging it further. I just wish it hadn’t come that way in the first place. The colors are reasonably accurate if not a little washed out. Unfortunately, this figure continues the downward trend of needing an extra coat or two of varnish to bring out the colors a bit more and smooth out some of the rough sandpapery texture. Isa comes with no additional accessories as usual.

IsaV2b IsaV2c IsaV2d IsaV2f


I got this figure of Isa together with the remaining two Infinity Blade figures in a big sale Sandboxr had, effectively doubling my Infinity Blade figures in a single purchase. Even with the sculptural issues on the sword, I still really enjoy the figure and I think it’s a great addition to my collection.

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