Guest Review #0023: Glasgow




The following is a guest review by Tim Marron. For more from Tim, check outTimsical Thoughts and Tim’s Blarg.

I’m coming at this review from a slightly different angle. Just about every figure I own, I’m at least somewhat familiar with the source material on which it is based. Ethan kind of kicked this trend off with his review of the Gundam figure Nemo. Neither he nor I know anything about Gundam aside from the base concept of giant fighting robots. Pretty much the same can be said of another Japanese mecha title Code Geass, from which today’s figure comes. So, with with a vague understanding of the show gleaned from the Wiki page, let’s take a look at the Glasgow Knight Mare Frame.


RobotA3After consulting the aforementioned Wiki, I’ve figured out that these Knight Mare Frames replace conventional tanks in the world of Code Geass. This specific model, the Glasgow, is a mass-produced general police/military use vehicle, an army builder of sorts. The figure was released as part of Bandai’s Robot Spirits line of figures and is about five inches tall, featuring 46 points of articulation (plus one on the gun). Going on the images I could find from the show, it looks like the figure is based on the version from the Akito the Exiled story arc which is just slightly different from the original look. The sculpt is pretty impressively well done and does a very good job translating the look from the show into a 3D form. The joints are particularly well handled, being as subtle as you can get on a robot while still allowing for a huge range of motion. As far as I can tell, the sculpt is unique to this figure. The paint isn’t anything to really go crazy over, given most of the figure’s color comes from the various hues of plastic the pieces are molded in. The paint that is there is good, though. Nice crisp lines pretty much throughout and while the pictures I found don’t quite match with the figure, the patterning on the torso, shoulders, and ankles still feels like it fits with the general aesthetic. The Glasgow comes with a machine gun, a pickaxe/hammer thing, a folded up pickaxe/hammer thing, an alternate head, a pair of relaxed hands, a pair of fists, a pair of gripping hands, a pair of trigger hands, and two sets of Slash Harkens (little grappling hook things) to show them either retracted or launched out.


Glasgow was a Christmas gift from my cousin who saw it on my Amazon wish list. I’d been interested in this and a couple other Code Geass figures for a while because they were cool fighting robots and they were made by Bandai Japan, a company I’d been impressed by after checking out Ethan’s array of Ultramen from their Ultra-Act line. Maybe I might appreciate the figure a little more if I was familiar with the source material, but honestly, coming in knowing nothing about it hasn’t detracted from my enjoyment of it. It’s still a very cool, very well made figure and a worthy addition to the mess that I call a display.


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