#0456: Bishop



Alright, on to Christmas Review # 16 of 14 (try not to think about that too much).

NECA’s Aliens line is, as you can probably tell by the name, primarily based on the second movie in the Alien Franchise. That being said, NECA hasn’t been afraid to venture into some of the other movies here and there as well. For me, Aliens is the best, so while I don’t mind the occasional figure from another movie, I find myself most excited for the true Aliens-based stuff. So, of the three figures in Series Three of the line, it should be no surprise that the one I’m most excited to get is Bishop, the second film’s faithful artificial person.


Bishop was released in Series Three of NECA’s Aliens line and he’s the only figure in the series to be actually Aliens-branded. Bishop is based on the character’s basic jump-suited appearance, which is his look for 90% of his screen time. The figure is just shy of 7 inches tall (Lance Henriksen isn’t the tallest of guys) and he has 22 points of articulation. Bishop features an all new sculpt, and unlike the vast majority of human figures in this line, it seems doubtful that this one’ll see any re-use (unless NECA really wants to give us a half-Bishop. Please?) The sculpt is the same quality as just about every other NECA sculpt. It’s not perfect; the overlay for the torso looks somewhat like a diaper at the bottom. Also, the front of the knees make the figure stand with a slight crouch, which looks odd in certain poses. However, the majority of the sculpt is very good. The likeness on the headsculpt is a pretty good Henriksen, and all of the body’s proportions seem pretty spot on. From the neck down, the paint work is superb. Everything is nice and clean, there’s some pretty great detail work, and there’s practically no bleed over or slop. There’s a little bit of paint chipping on the elbow joints, but that’s not too obvious. The paint on the head is clean, but perhaps too clean. The eyes are rather cartoony and I don’t quite know what’s going on with the outline. The eyebrows also look as if they’ve been drawn on with a sharpie. Henriksen’s eyebrows are brown and a bit bigger, so this hurts the likeness a fair bit. Bishop is packed with a flashlight, a knife, and a spare hand to hold it (for the famous knife scene). These are all pretty decent accessories, although it would have been cool to get a facehugger for him to dissect, especially since we’ve yet to actually get a properly scaled facehugger from this line. Still, the flashlight is very well done and the knife is from one of the character’s most definitive scenes, so they were well chosen.


Bishop was part of a full set of Aliens Series Three that was given to me by my parents as a slightly delayed Christmas gift. Bishop’s the figure I was looking forward to the most from this series. Ultimately, the figure’s not perfect, but he’s pretty good. He’s well sculpted, decently accessorized, and he looks pretty great with the marines. Plus, he’s the only character in the line who actually had a scene with the Queen (though that half-Bishop would be more appropriate. Just saying…)

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