Guest Review #0028: Isa – V3

ISA v.3



The following is a guest review by Tim Marron. For more from Tim, check outTimsical Thoughts and Tim’s Blarg.

Alright, I know you guys are probably tired of these by now so I figured why draw this out any longer. Today I’ll be looking at my sixth and final piece of my Infinity Blade Collectibles set, but I promise, this one is going to be interesting so just bear with me. Here we go, ending on a bang of sorts.


IsaV3eBoring stuff out of the way first. This figure is based on Isa from Infinity Blade 3 dressed up in the Dark Stripe armor, Crystalis helm, Lunith Brace gauntlet, and wielding Norfair. She has no articulation as usual and is in the Horizon pose which actually makes her much shorter than the other figures at only two and a quarter (three including the weapon) inches tall. Now onto the fun part. The first thing I noticed when I opened this figure is that her weapon, Norfair, is too chunky in comparison to the game and not by a small margin. It ends up looking like a pool noodle rather than the sleek, streamlined staff it’s supposed to be. That being said, I can understand why it came out that way because as it is it seems very fragile. Were it any thinner I wouldn’t be surprised if it fell off if someone happened to sneeze a little too hard. But that’s not even the worst of it. In contrast to the other figures in this set, the aforementioned Horizon pose is much more of an action pose. This is where the problems arise, not from the sculpt which is spot on, but from the character model in the game. When you’re playing the game, the characters are moving around doing all sorts of cool moves, but it happens quickly and from very fixed camera angles so you don’t really see everything going on. As she is now, Isa’s spine seems impossibly contorted, her arms look like they’re made out of Play-Doh, and her legs around the hip have these really terrible creases from the 3D mesh folding on itself. I had to go back into the game to look, and sure enough, all these issues were there from the start. The color details are closer to what we’ve seen on the other figures, maybe actually a little brighter than the others but still marred by the lack of varnish. There’s some nice line work on the torso, head and legs, but the arms. She’s supposed to have a few touches of dirt on her arms as one might after a long day of fighting monsters, but they missed the mark and instead made her look like she’s got some nasty bruises.  Isa comes with no accessories.

IsaV3f IsaV3d IsaV3c IsaV3b


And that’s it, we’re all done with Infinity Blade Collectibles. I like to save the best for last in a series like this, and depending how you look at it, I’ve either done exactly that or not at all. This figure definitely falls under the category of “So bad, it’s good” with the wonky knees and elbows and the Liefeld-esque lack of spine. It does stick out a bit from the others, but thankfully you can’t really see the problems until it’s actually in your hands, so it still makes for a fine display piece.

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