#0468: E.T. – Extraterrestrial



So, um, I have a thing to confess. I don’t really “get” E.T. I mean, I know it was immensely popular and I generally love Steven Spielberg’s stuff, but I could never get into E.T. I tried over the years. I’ve watched it several times. I’ve made many a joke about the changing of the guns to walkie talkies for the special edition. I’ve seen tons of the interviews about it. Lots of people I know really like it. Admittedly, I don’t dislike it. There are parts of it I quite enjoy. But it just doesn’t do anything for me outside of occupy the TV screen for two hours.

With that out of the way, please read as I review a toy from a movie that I have no emotional connection to. This’ll be fun…


E.T. is part of the first assortment of Funko’s Science Fiction Vinyl Figures. Like Robby, E.T. is one of the more common figures in the line, at a ratio of 1:12. E.T. is roughly 2 ¼ inches tall and he has no articulation. E.T. has been sculpted so as to better fit the style of the other figures in the line. In Robby’s case the changes were minor, but here they are a bit more severe. The biggest thing is that the hands have been made much larger and blockier (especially the fingers) and the body has been made a little smaller. The character’s rough skin texture has also been removed, with a much smoother look in its place. Unfortunately, it seems some skin texture would have been a good way to hide the joining of the arms and head with the torso. As it is, the separate pieces are beyond obvious. That said, the sculpt isn’t bad; E.T.’s in his “phone home” pose, with his index finger extended, which is a good choice for the character. It’s also very evident who this is supposed to be, which is always a good thing. The figure’s paint is pretty straight forward. For the most part, he’s a light brown (though perhaps too light), with some white for the eyes and a bit of orange and yellow for the index finger and his heart. The eyes being straight white is in the style of the rest of the figures in the line, but it ends up being particularly unnerving on E.T. E.T. includes no accessories.


E.T. was picked up at the same time as Robby, while I was shopping with Super Awesome Girlfriend. He was the other half of the two blind boxes I grabbed at random. After opening Robby, E.T. was a bit of a letdown, for more than one reason. As I stated in the intro, I’m not a big fan of E.T., so I’m not exactly raring to get figures from it. Add in the fact that E.T.’s one of the weaker figures in the lineup, and you have an all-around disappointing figure.

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