#0494: Robin



I’ve touched on Bandai’s Teen Titans Go! line twice before on this site. The first time, I was at least of mixed feelings about the line. The last time I looked at something from the line, my feelings were… less mixed. And generally far less positive. So, reviews of this line are certainly a less than stellar prospect for me. But, hey, I have to review everything, right? So, let’s look at this Robin figure.


Robin was released in the second series of Bandai’s 3 ½ inch Teen Titans Go! line (which, it should be stressed, was not 3 ½ scale, but 3 ½ SIZE. Everyone was the same height). He was released in two different ways: in a two-pack with Slade (a.k.a. Deathstroke) or in a large playset thingy. Mine came from the two-pack, but my Slade literally crumbled into pieces. So, just Robin today. Robin is 3 ½ inches tall and he has 9 points of articulation. The only new piece on this figure is the head, which was an attempt to make the figure more accurate to the show. The head is, admittedly, a little better than the preceding one, though the choice of expression is a bit questionable. For some reason, he’s got a huge, toothy grin, which is an odd choice for the usually broody Robin. From the neck down, the figure is identical to the Series 1 Robin. It’s a passable sculpt, but it’s far from perfect. The figure’s paintwork is okay, if not great. The original application was pretty clean and such, but the figure still has the same issues as the rest of the line where the paint came off really easily. Robin included no accessories. Not even the dumb blaster thingy from the first series!


I found Robin along with the rest of the second series of figures at a Target, not long after their release. My mom and brother were at a concert, so my dad and I were exploring the area nearby. I remember being rather excited for the figures, although I think that was more for the new characters and less for the boy wonder here.

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