#0510: Hoban Washburne




Alright, I looked at the Pop! take on Captain Malcolm Reynolds. But, a captain’s only as good as his crew. So, today, let’s look at the line’s take on my personal favorite Firefly character, Hoban Washburne, or Wash for short, faithful pilot of the Serenity. Let’s see how he turned out!


WashPop2Wash is figure #137 in the Funko Pop! Television line. He’s roughly 3 ½ inches tall and he has the usual single point of articulation at the neck. Wash is sporting a Hawaiian shirt and a flight suit, both of which are signature to the character. Like Mal, I’m fairly certain this particular combo shows up in the series’ pilot episode. It sums up the character really well, so it’s a well-chosen look. He’s been fitted into the style of the rest of the line. He’s got the typical large, square head and big circle eyes, and a smaller, slightly rounder body. Whereas Mal’s head looked rather generic, Wash’s head manages to sum up Alan Tudyk’s likeness perfectly in just a few scant details. The hair, in particular, really helps to sell it. It’s cleanly sculpted, and well-shaped, and it manages to be pretty decently textured. The body is pretty well done too. He’s in a more generic pose than Mal, but he still avoids the crouching pose of earlier Pop! figures. The details of the clothes are nicely sculpted, and pretty well-defined. And, of course, what kind of a Wash figure would it be if he didn’t have a dinosaur? That’s probably the piece of the sculpt that best sells the figure as the character it’s meant to represent, so it’s really great that they threw it in there. Paint typically isn’t Funko’s strong suit, and while that’s still sort of present here, Wash is actually pretty decent. There’s still a few issues with some fuzzy lines here and there, but the work on the shirt is quite nicely done, and it certainly adds some uniqueness to the figure.


This was actually the figure that my Super Awesome Girlfriend wanted to get me for Valentine’s Day, but he wasn’t readily available, meaning she got me Mal instead. However, while we were at Farpoint this year, my friends Tim and Jill found Wash in the Dealer’s Room and were nice enough to pick him up for me (Seriously, nothing makes me feel better when I’m sick more than people bringing me action figures. Just in case anyone was wondering…). Wash is a really great figure, and I’d say he’s one of the best Pop!s I’ve gotten.


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