#0526: The Pink Round Base




Hello everyone! Welcome back to another thrilling installment of The Stapler in Question, your daily dose of Stapler-y goodness! Yesterday, we returned back to the basics, taking a look at Old Black, a refreshing update on the classic Stapler design. Today, we’re going to mix things up by taking a look at one of the newer, more radical shifts in the stapler dynamic. Not only is this baby a round base, it’s also hot pink. Let’s take a look at this sure fire hit!


PinkStapler2The Pink Round Base was released as part of Stanley Bostitch’s line of Half-Strip staplers. It’s a model 606 stapler, which is the model that really seems to have been SB’s bread and butter as of late. Pink was released one of two ways: solo or in the “Plus Pack,” which featured a pinch-style staple remover and 5,000 staples. Mine is the solo release, but the staplers themselves are identical. The stapler is about 2 inches tall and 5 inches in length. It has the standard two points of articulation, along with the typical spring-operated reloading feature. The stapler also has the ability to open up all the way, for use on things such as bulletin boards, which is always a handy feature to have. Word to the wise: getting it open all the way can be a little tricky. It’s easy to accidently open up the staple case instead, sending those staples flying. That can be a real pain. The sculpt of the Pink Round Base is a re-use of the basic SB Model 606. It’s one of their ergonomic models, and it’s really not bad. It seems that ergonomics is not the fad that some people in the stapler industry thought it would be, and SB has embraced it full-heartedly. This model is easy to grip, and staples with relative ease. The mold has clean, sharp lines, and the SB logo is nicely emblazoned right at the top.  Oh boy is that a sweet logo! However, there’s one thing that’s easily the selling point of this mold, and that’s the convenient visual staple reload alert. It may just look like a hole in the front of the stapler, but it’s oh so much more! This sucker lets you monitor the number of staples at the front of the stapler, letting you know you’re out even before you do that first empty staple click. That saves you almost seconds of time! The Pink Round Base has no actual paintwork, but the plastic parts are molded in, you guessed it, a nice pink plastic. The color is nice and even, and sure to last, even when hit by that pesky natural light!


This Pink Round Base was a gift from my always awesome, always supportive Mom. I went to her and said, “Mom, I need a stapler for my paper I’m turning in.” She pulled out this bad boy, and I’ve been on cloud 9 ever since. At its core, it’s just another stapler, but this things got personality. You put this on your desk, and people will be talking for sure!


*Holy crap, you actually made it through this thing! Congratulations! In case you hadn’t gathered prior to this, April Fools! You, faithful reader, just won The Figure in Question No-PrizeTM. Try not to spend it all in one place! We’ll return you to our regularly scheduled FiQ programing tomorrow!

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