#0541: Spider-Girl – Warriors of the Web




Comics, as a medium, operate on a strange sort of compressed/decompressed timeline. Since we only see the characters once a month, their lives move much slower than our own. Sometimes, this works to the story’s advantage. It allows the characters to remain in their prime for much longer. Sometimes, however, creators like to show their characters aging, especially when you start building more than 20 or so years of stories. When your characters begin to age, sometimes the best course of action is to let someone else step into the mantle, creating legacy heroes. Typically, legacy heroes have been DC’s thing, what with their four Flashes and six Green Lanterns, but Marvel has gotten in on it a few times. In the 90s, they actually created an entire universe of legacies, dubbed MC2. It was set a little further in the timeline than the regular MU, and it focused on the children and successors of the Marvel Universe’s greatest heroes. The breakout character was May “Mayday” Parker, aka Spider-Girl, the daughter of Peter Parker and Mary Jane. She’s seen her fair share of action figure love over the years, and she just found her way into Marvel Legends, courtesy of the latest series of Hasbro’s Amazing Spider-Man Marvel Legends Infinite Series. Incidentally, she’s a completely different character from the last Spider-Girl I reviewed from this line.


MayDay2Spider-Girl is part of the second series of the Amazing Spider-Man Marvel Legends Infinite Series. She’s officially titled “Warriors of the Web,” a title that she shares with Ultimate Spider-Woman. However, as I noted when I reviewed Spider-Woman, the figures include completely different pieces to the Hobgoblin Build-A-Figure, and they are equally essential to completing said figure, unlike previous shared-name figures. I would guess that the shared name is purely to cut down on packaging printing costs. Spider-Girl stands just shy of 6 inches tall and she features 29 points of articulation. The figure uses the smaller female base body we first saw on the Arana Spider-Girl. I can’t say enough how much I love this base. It’s a well-sculpted, well-proportioned body, and it offers a lot of mobility. It’s a great choice for Spider-Girl. In addition to the base, Spider-Girl features a brand-new head and hands and a set of add-ons for her web cartridges. The head is fairly similar to the one we saw on the Spider-Man from this series. It’s simple, but very nicely handled. One minor nit: the socket for the neck joint isn’t set quite far enough up in the head, so she can look a little off in some poses. The hands are done in a web-shooting pose, and they’re pretty well sculpted as well. It would, however, be nice if she included another set of hands, as the double web-shooting hands do limit what can be done with the figure a bit. If Spidey can get three sets of hands, she should have at least two. The cartridges are nicely done, and I wonder if we might see them turn up again on a classic Black Widow in the near future. As far as paint goes, Spider-Girl is pretty good. The webbing isn’t quite as good as the normal Spider-Man, but it’s a definite step up from Superior. The reds on the legs/feet could also stand to be a little cleaner, but that’s minor. Spider-Girl includes no accessories of her own, which is a shame.  However, she does include the head and wings of the Hobgoblin Build-A-Figure, so there’s that.


Hey, do you know where I got Spider-Girl? Well, you should, because I’ve said it 13 times now. Yes, she’s from the full set of these that I ordered from Big Bad Toy Store. I didn’t really put a whole lot of thought into Spider-Girl before getting the set in hand. I’ve only got a marginal knowledge of the character. Still, I knew she had a decent fanbase, so seeing her eventually crop up in Legends was certainly not a surprise. Ultimately, this is a surprisingly well-done figure. Aside from the issue with the hands, there’s not really anything I can knock it down for. And that’s pretty darn good.


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