#0556: Ultron




Countdown to Avengers: Age of Ultron: IT’S HEEEEEEEERRRREEE!!!!!!!

Hey guys! Hey guys! Hey guys! Do you know what got released today? AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON!!!!!!!! *ahem* Okay. I think I got it out of my system. Sorry. I’m just a teeny bit excited.

So, yes, Age of Ultron is out today. By the time you read this, I’ll have already been to see it once at a Thursday showing, and I’ll be prepping to see it again later today. Because I’m insane. Anyway, I’ll be wrapping up my countdown to the movie with one last look at my Ultron collection. This time, it’s a return to the Marvel Legends style. That didn’t go so great last time, but I think Hasbro can turn it around. Let’s look!


UltronMLH2Ultron was released as part of Series 2 of the Iron Man 3 Marvel Legends line. He was the only of the three figures in this series to be comic-based (because, no, Ultron wasn’t in Iron Man 3. I would have noticed), and the only figure in the entire line not to be specifically Iron Man-based. The figure stands just over 6 inches tall and he has 34 points of articulation. Sculpturally, this Ultron marks the first time the character hasn’t gotten his own unique body sculpt (not counting the Minimate, of course). He’s constructed using the body of Titanium Man from the Iron Man: Armored Avenger line, along with a new head and shoulder-pads. Titanium Man’s body is a decent enough starting point. It’s well enough articulated, and it certainly has plenty of clean, sculpted detail work. It isn’t really a match for any of Ultron’s designs, but given the fluidity of his body design, that isn’t an inherently bad thing. The shoulder armor is fairly straight-forward. They’re decently sculpted, and the fit the aesthetics of the rest of the body well-enough. In a startling change from the first few Ultrons I looked at, the head is definitely this figure’s strongest point. It’s not quite the expert piece we saw on the Marvel Select figure, but it’s still a pretty great translation of the classic Ultron design to three dimensions. The details are all pretty clean, and symmetrical (important for a robot) and there’s definitely a machined quality to it. And I can’t stress enough how nice it is to see that they’ve gotten the antennae correct. That’s a key detail. It’s also worth noting that the head fits with the rest of the body very nicely, stylistically, which is always a good thing. Ultron is actually pretty simple on the paint front. Mostly, he’s just molded in silver, with a little bit of red paint for the eyes, mouth, and… uhh… shoulder-pad circles as well as a little bit of blue shading on the silver,. The silver is fine, though maybe a little too light (in contrast to the MU figure being too dark) and it has the common “swirly plastic” look that metallic colors can sometimes get. The blue accents look really nice, but they are just a bit inconsistent. It isn’t super noticeable, but it can be the slightest bit jarring. The red paint is cleanly applied, and it’s nice and solid. Some sort of variance or energy pattern would have been cool, but it certainly doesn’t look bad. Ultron included no accessories of his own, although he did include a piece of Iron Monger.


After taking a bit of a break from Marvel Legends, I was finally pulled back in by last week’s Neo-Classic Iron Man. This figure was announced not long after I got that one, and I was definitely excited to get it. I’ve been waiting for a more proper Ultron ever since the disappointment that was the ToyBiz version. Ultimately, this figure had its thunder stolen a little bit by the MS Ultron, who provided a more faithful classic Ultron, but that actually doesn’t ruin this guy for me. He’s a fun update on the character that still manages to stay true to the spirit. Plus, he’s just a heck of a lot of fun!


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