#0560: Skeleton Warriors




“Skeleton Warriors! Da-nanana-nah!”

–Skeleton Warriors Opening Credits (paraphrased)

I totally missed out on Skeleton Warriors in its initial run (both the toys and the show). In my defense, while I was actually born, I was still rather young, and it did have the misfortune of not being in anyway related to superheroes. To be honest, I was completely unaware of the series’ existence until the “Return of the Skeleton Warriors” Kickstarter last year. Following my discovery of the Kickstarter, I did actually sit down and watch the first two episodes of the show. It didn’t really hook me, per say, but the figures still looked cool enough to warrant me pledging in for a full set. They just arrived last month, and I’ve finally gotten a chance to set aside all the Marvel-related stuff and take a look at these guys.


All of these figures are part of the first “series” of The Return of Skeleton Warriors. The Lightstar Crystal Blue Baron Dark and Titan Skeleton, as well as the Traveler Skeleden, were all exclusive to the Kickstarter campaign, while the regular Baron Dark and both the regular and glow-in-the-dark versions of the Titan Skeleton are available for individual purchase via the October Toys Store.


SkeletonWarriors4The Titan Skeletons are the backbone (heh!) of this line. They serve as the base starting point from which all of the more specific Skeleton Warriors can be built. There are three different varieties of Titan Skeletons: Bone colored, glow-in-the-dark, and clear blue. The three are identical in sculpt, so I’ll review them as one. The figure stands 5 inches tall and features 26 points of articulation. The Titan Skeleton’s sculpt is a pretty standard skeleton sculpt, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. It’s well proportioned, and each piece is sufficiently detailed and textured. Now, the cool thing about this figure (and all of the figures in this line) is that it’s Glyos compatible. If you don’t know what that means, let me ‘splain…no, it’s too much. Let SkeletonWarriors5me sum up: the figures feature Glyos joints, which means, not only can they disconnect at every joint, but the parts can be interchanged with lines like Weaponeers of Monkaa, which makes for some fun possible combinations. None of the Titan Skeletons feature any sort of paint, but they are molded in the three different colors as noted above. All three colors are nicely chosen, so that’s pretty great. The Titan Skeleton has no accessories, though the ability to be taken apart and reassembled is definitely a fun enough feature to make up for that.



SkeletonWarriors2Baron Dark is the cartoon’s primary antagonist and is the leader of the titular Skeleton Warriors. The figure served as the main goal of the Kickstarter, and he’s definitely the one with the most work put into him. The figure stands just over 5 inches tall and has 26 points of articulation. The Baron uses the Titan Skeleton body as a starting point, but features his own head, upper torso, lower legs, and feet, as well as add-on pieces for his cape, loin cloth, and bracelets. The new pieces are generally very well sculpted, and feature an even greater level of detail than the Titan parts. The add-on pieces in particular feature lots of small detail work and cool little touches, like all the miniature skulls throughout the design. The only real flaw with the sculpt is the fact that the lower legs are rather restrictive of the ankle articulation, which causes the figure to be harder to balance in certain poses. It’s a relatively minor issue, but it’s hopefully something they’ll try to avoid on any future figures. What really separates the good Baron from the Titan Skeleton is paint. Baron Dark features a rather intricate paintjob. With the exception of a few minor instances of bleed over and exactly one SkeletonWarriors8instance of slop (near the top of his right calf) the paint is really cleanly handled. In addition to the basic color work, a fair bit of work has been done to accent the sculpt’s finer details and add a little bit more depth. All of the bone pieces feature a nice brown wash to bring out the recesses and texturing. The cape also features a little bit of darker red to indicate some weathering, although it comes and goes with some rather harsh lines. Baron Dark is armed with a big freaking sword, which he can hold pretty well in either hand.



Skeletonwarriors3Just like the Titan Skeleton, there’s more than one variety of Baron Dark. He too was available cast in a clear blue plastic, which is always a plus in my book. He features the exact same height, articulation, and sculpt as his full color counterpart. The only difference between these two is that this one is … clear blue. He even features the same big ol’ sword, molded in a matching plastic. In addition to the awesomeness that is the clear blue plastic, this version also offers a nice look at the Dark sculpt without any paint to mask any of the sculpted details, which is a nice opportunity.


SkeletonWarriors9One of these things is not like the others! So, the thing of note about this particular figure is that it isn’t technically a Skeleton Warriors figure, it’s actually from the official Glyos line. It’s designed to be a merging of the Glyos Universe’s Pheyden and a skeleton, presumably from the Warriors universe. Skeleden stands roughly 3 inches tall and features 12 points of articulation. From what I’ve been able to find online, it appears that Skeleden’s hands, torso, calves, and feet are re-used from the Glyos line’s basic Pheyden figure. The figure’s head, arms, and legs are new, as well as the add-ons used on the torso and lower legs. The whole theme of this figure is merging the styles of the two lines represented, which the sculpt manages to do quite nicely. In general, the sculpt is a very strong one, with lots of very clean, sharp detail work throughout. The Skeleden’s paintwork isn’t quite SkeletonWarriors10as complex as that seen on Baron Dark, but he does have a little bit of work on his head, which is handled quite cleanly. The rest of his pieces ware molded in the appropriate colors. The Traveler Skeleden includes a specially crafted, skeleton-themed axe, as well as an extra head, arms, and legs which allow the figure to be displayed as a more standard Pheyden.


So, clearly, since I have the Kickstarter exclusives and all, I got these figures by backing the Return of the Skeleton Warriors Kickstarter campaign. After breaking into the world of Kickstarter action figures with I Am Elemental, I found myself drawn to these guys, just based purely on how cool they looked. Well, they’re finally here, and I’m thrilled to have them. The Baron isn’t without issue, but he’s pretty darn close, and the Titan Skeleton offers a nice, base skeleton in a cool variety of colors. Plus, the Skeleden got me my very first Glyos figure, which, given how much I like this little guy, could prove to be another dangerously addictive line. All in all, this is another success for me on the Kickstarter front.  Now, here’s hoping for a series 2!


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