#0576: Granite Gladiator Palidar




Sometimes in the action figure world, in light of all the fantastic high-end, high-price, low-durability, licensed product, it’s easy to forget that these are toys, and they are meant to be played with. Fortunately, in the last few years, a few lines have shown up with a mission statement of making fun toys first. One such line is Spy Monkey Creations’ Weaponeers of Monkaa. SMC just put out another set of figures not long ago, and I, as a completist of the line, picked them up. Let’s kick things off with Granite Gladiator Palidar!


GraniteGladiator2GG Palidar is part of the sixth main assortment of the Weaponeers of Monkaa line. He’s the second version of Palidar to grace the line. For those of you not familiar with WoM-lore (which I assume is most of you), Palidar is the right-hand-man of Empyreus, the leader of the heroic Gearo faction. Palidar hasn’t seen a release since the first series of the line, and he’s the last of the named characters to get a second figure. Going by what I’ve read online, it seems that this is supposed to be Palidar’s original appearance, before he joined the Gearo faction. As the name suggests, he was working as a gladiator, which is a pretty cool backstory. In its default set-up, the figure is roughly 4 inches in height and he has 19 points of articulation. Now, the gimmick of the line is that the figures are totally modular, so given how you decide to configure him, his height and articulation could be totally different. In fact, you can reconfigure him so he’s not even Palidar at all. Keeping this in mind, it should also be noted that Palidar uses the same assortment of parts that we’ve seen with every figure in the line. I’ve talked about them a few times before, but I’m still impressed by how sleek they are and how well the fit together in numerous configurations. His default head is, obviously, the Palidar head, but the figure also includes the other four basic heads, so that you can construct a few different Granite Gladiators, should you so choose. The main difference between WoM figures is color scheme. With a name like “Granite Gladiator,” it’s no surprise that the figure is molded in a brownish-grey plastic. It has a nice earthy tone to it, and granite is an appropriate descriptor. Each assortment of figures has one “DX” figure who gets some slightly bumped up paint apps. Palidar is the DX figure for the sixth assortment. He’s got a fair bit of black accent work, which goes really nicely with the grey. He also got a tiny bit of blue for the eyes on the Palidar head, and red on the other heads. Guess those other Granite Gladiators aren’t quite as heroic as Palidar. Everything is applied evenly and cleanly, resulting in quite a sharp looking figure. Palidar is armed with the basic straight blade and sickle, though, in my mind, he prefers to just use his fists.


Like just about every other WoM release, I was on Spy Monkey’s store the day this set was placed up for order. Of course, I happened to be down visiting Super Awesome Girlfriend the day these went up, so I ended up having to place the order on her phone. She’s far too accepting of all this. I wasn’t sure what I was going to think of the Granite series. They’re a little more drab than previous releases, so I thought they might be a little boring. On the contrary, the little touches like Palidar’s eyes give this figure a nice bit of personality, and he’s just as much fun as the line’s other figures!



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