#0587: Fake Barbarian




If a hero is no good without an arch foe, than it follows that said arch foe just isn’t all he could be without a trusty lackey. They just have to have one. Bonus points if they in any way mirror the hero. Just play those parallels waaaaay up. In the case of Weaponeers of Monkaa’s Masters of the Universe homages, we have the Fake Barbarian, the “Evil Doppelganger of The Good Guy.” Fun times.


FakeBarbarian2Fake Barbarian is the other half of the exclusive Weaponeers of Monkaa figures offered at the 2014 Designer Con. Like Uncle Overlord, he found his way onto the Spy Monkey Creations store following the convention. In his standard, out-of-the-bag layout, the figure stands approximately 4 inches tall and has 19 points of articulation. The Fake Barbarian is yet another head-to-toe re-use of the same set of pieces we’ve seen on all the WoM figures to date. However, given that Faker, the character this guy pays tribute to, was himself just an excuse to repaint a He-Man figure, the complete re-use of parts makes even more sense here than it does on any other figure. As one would expect, given that he is a doppelganger of the Eternal Barbarian, the figure’s go-to head is the Empyreus head. It’s usually a heroic head, but the coloring actually does a pretty convincing job of making it more cold and villainous than usual. He also has all the other FakeBarbarian3heads from the line, should you want to switch things up, and they each have their own separate color scheme. The color scheme of the Fake Barbarian is, of course, based on that of Faker, which in turn means that he shares a lot of his colors with Uncle Overlord. Just like they were with Uncle O, the blues look very nice, and really suit the body well. The Fake Barbarian also throws a bit of silver and orange into the mix, allowing him to more closely mimic the color layout of the Eternal Barbarian. The silver is pretty clean, but the orange ends up suffering from just a little bit of slop around some of the edges. The Fake Barbarian includes the same set of accessories we saw with Uncle Overlord: two each of the short blades, sickles, bent blades, serrated blades, hilts, guns, and handles, all molded in light blue.


Seeing as he’s the other half of the Designer Con set, it follows that, just like Uncle Overlord, the Fake Barbarian’s release slipped past me. No clue how that happened, but it did. However, as soon as I realized I had missed out on these two, I corrected that mistake and ordered them. I’m glad I didn’t miss out on these guys; they’re a whole lot of fun, and their a fantastic addition to the sub-set of tribute figures started by the Eternal Barbarian and the Lord of War.


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