#0611: Mega Man




I am not the foremost expert on video games. However, I’ve got a decent knowledge of some of the higher profile stuff, and I do have my personal favorites, both in terms of games and the characters within them. Over the winter, my brother and I got pretty invested in the most recent iteration of Super Smash Brothers. One of the new things that Nintendo has added to the game are Amiibo, which are these little figurines of the characters which can be used in conjunction with the game, allowing you to name and train NPC versions of the characters they represent, as well as unlock a few additional things within Smash and other games. Unfortunately, it seems like Nintendo’s kinda terrible at this whole collectibles thing, so a lot of the characters I’d like to own are ridiculously hard to find. That kind of ruins the whole thing for everybody. Anyway, I actually managed to find one of the characters I wanted, thanks to a rerelease. So, let’s take a look at Mega Man!


MegaMan3Mega Man was part of either the second or third round of Super Smash Brothers Amiibo (EDIT: He’s from the third round!). I know he definitely wasn’t amongst the initial assortment of characters. The “figure” is about 3 ½ inches tall, with the base adding about ½ an inch to the height. Amiibo aren’t designed as actual action figures, and as such, Mega Man doesn’t have any articulation. Sort of a bummer, but it’s not like it’s unexpected. Mega Man’s sculpt is pretty great. It’s sufficiently accurate to the design of the character. It’s specifically based on Mega Man’s appearance in the latest Super Smash Brothers game, with a few little details lifted straight from the game. Of course, his design hasn’t changed that much from prior appearances, so this could certainly stand in for an earlier Mega Man if MegaMan2that’s what you want. He’s sculpted in a fairly in-character pose, with his legs in a wide stance and his buster cannon held high. It’s a good pose, though it might be nice if the cannon was a little further away from his face, just so it didn’t block him. Mega Man’s paintwork isn’t the greatest thing of all time, but it’s better than what lots of other companies are putting out there right now. Some areas, especially the shorts, exhibit a little bit of bleed over, but nothing too bad. I really like the decision to use metallic paint for the darker blue portions; it has a really nice sheen to it, and it makes the figure really pop. Mega Man doesn’t include any physical accessories, but he does have the interface with Smash, which works pretty well. Also, when scanned in for the first time, each Amiibo gets you a small portion of a classic game. In Mega Man’s case, it was the first few minutes of Metroid, which was pretty fun.


I missed out on Mega Man in his initial release, which bummed me out a bit. However, I ended up coming across one at a Toys R Us while I was out with the rest of my family. He’s my first Amiibo, and overall I like him. He works well with Smash, and I like the basic sculpt and layout of the piece. That being said, if you’re just looking for a Mega Man figure, this one might not be the one for you. It’s really more of a display piece and less of a toy.

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