#0714: Mega-Shiki




So, hey, do you guys remember those two times way back when where I reviewed model kits? Want to read another? Well, you don’t really have much say, to be honest. This is my site; I’ll write what I darn well want to. Maybe. Sorry, I don’t do aggressive and stand-offish very well.

Anyway, I’ll be taking a look at another figure from Bandai’s extensive line of Gundam-based snap-kits, which are model kits that require no glue and result in a fully articulated action figure. Fun times. Today’s set is Mega-Shiki, which, according to the box is “Team G-Master: Shunsuke Sudou’s Mobile Suit,” whatever that means.


Shikki2Mega-Shiki was released in December of last year, so it’s a relatively recent addition to the line. It would appear that this suit is that of a specific character, meaning it’s unique. That’s cool. This figure is part of the 1/144 scale line of model kits, which puts him at a height of a little over 5 inches tall. He’s also got 35 points of articulation, which is pretty great for a model kit. Unlike the GM Sniper and Nemo, which had a few parts shared between them, Shiki looks to be mostly new, to me at least. The sculpt is quite nicely done; there are lots of nice, clean angles, and all the line work is sharp. From what I’ve been able to find in terms of reference for the suit (on the front of the package and various shots online) it looks like it’s pretty accurate to the source material. It’s also worth noting that the kit was a pretty easy build; all the parts fit well together, and they mostly stay together pretty well, too. The only parts that gave me any real trouble were the forearm guards, which have a tendency to fall off if the hands are moved about too much. They go right back on, of course, but it can be just a bit of a pain. Like the two other kits I’ve covered, Mega-Shiki doesn’t feature any painted details. Unlike those two, he’s also pretty sparse on the use of decals; there are two on the head, and that’s it. The rest of his color work is done through properly colored plastic bits. He’s a slightly more complex build, allowing him to make more use of separately colored pieces. The colors are all good matches for the source material, and they’re just good color choices all-around. Shiki’s main accessory is the Mega Ride Launcher, which is a giant rocket pack that can also function as a giant gun. It’s got several articulated bits, allowing it to switch locations. It fits pretty well on his back, and he can hold it pretty reliably, though he does need to be posed to properly balance the weight. He also includes hands in fist, griping, and open orientations, as well as two beam swords, and a big rifle. The kit also comes with a few extra pieces, such as an alternate head, that I’m not sure are actually meant to go with this guy, or are just the result of a common parts tree with another set.

Shikki3 Shikki7


Mega-Shiki is Tim’s fault. He wanted to check out the hobby shop where I picked up Nemo, with the expressed purpose of getting at least one of these kits for himself. I ended up spotting Shiki and thought he was pretty cool, so I got him. This is definitely a cool set. The quality of the sculpt is great, and I love the accessories, especially the Mega Ride Launcher!


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