#0717: Ultimate T-800




Duhduhduhduhduh! KSHH Duhduhduhduhduh! KSHH Duhduhduhduhduh!

Did you guys pick up on that being the percussion section from the Terminator theme? It’s harder to transcribe than you might think. So, a few years back, my first real introduction to NECA was courtesy of their immensely cool T2 line. While the sculpts on those figures are still top notch, there’s one thing that was just a teeny bit dated: articulation. The figures had a pretty good set-up above the waist, but the legs were essentially motionless, which held back otherwise great figures. Fortunately, NECA is well aware of this issue and is fixing it, courtesy of their new(ish) subline of “Ultimate” figures. They’re kicking things off with the main man of T2, the T-800, aka “Uncle Bob.”


T800Ult2aThe Ultimate T-800 was a single release, who started hitting stores last month, which, coincidentally, was the same time as the Terminator Genisys figures. The figure stands a little over 7 inches tall and has 26 points of articulation. That’s a whole 8 points more than his original release brethren. By design, the large portion of this figure’s tooling is shared with the prior T-800 figures. This isn’t a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination, of course, since the detailing on those older figures was pretty darn good. The jacket is wonderfully textured, and even has the bullet holes from where the T-800 shielded John from the T-1000. The gloved hands are also very well textured, and hold all of the included weapons pretty well. And then there are the heads. Three different heads are included: clean with sunglasses, clean without sunglasses, and fully battle-damaged. All three heads feature a very good rendition of Arnold’s likeness, but the sunglass-ed head absolutely nails it, and is my favorite by far. It’s just got the look down. The damaged head is a nice enough sculpt, but it’s a little jarring to see the fully damaged head on a completely intact body. I kind of wonder if the partially damaged head might have been a better fit here. Enough about the old pieces, what about the new pieces? Well, essentially the entire lower half is new.  I think the boots may be reused, but that’s it. The joints on the legs are a little stiff at first, but once you get them moving, they make a pretty big difference. They also match up really well with the pre-existing parts, so you’d be hard pressed to find evidence that they weren’t sculpted at the same time if you weren’t already aware. If there’s one area that this figure could stand to improve, it’s paint. To be fair, T800Ult5with the exception of a single one-of-a-kind issue that is quite glaring, the paint on this figure is actually pretty decent. The paint on the clothing is great, and it does a nice job accenting the texture of the sculpt. The grey shirt isn’t technically accurate with the sunglass-ed head, but that’s a really minor thing. The sunglass-ed and damaged heads are a touch messy, but nothing exceedingly bad; just a few missed spots here and there. What throws the whole figure off is the normal head’s eyebrows, which are just badly misplaced, throwing the whole thing off. It’s totally limited to my figure, and to NECA’s credit, their CS is already working to get me a replacement (at which point I’ll re-shoot that one shot with the messed up head), but it definitely renders the head useless for the time being. Fortunately, there are those other two heads to let me still enjoy my figure as much as possible! In addition to the extra heads, the T-800 also includes a shotgun, a handgun, a grenade launcher, a bandolier, and (my favorite) his minigun from the Cyberdyne scene. All of these are done with incredible accuracy, and it’s a great assortment of parts in general, though I wouldn’t have minded getting a set of ungloved hands to go with the shotgun.


I ordered this guy at the same time as the two Genisys figures, and I was just as eager to get him as I was the other two. I only ended up getting one figure from NECA’s old T2 line (the fully battle-damaged version), so I’m happy to finally have a T-800 that covers most of the movie’s looks. The paint on the regular head was a bit disappointing, but if I’m honest I was always planning to set him up with the (admittedly inaccurate) sunglasses and minigun combo. Just look at how cool he is at the top!



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