#0779: Sarco Plank




The new Star Wars movie is just over a week away. That’s pretty cool, right? Well, I’m pretty pumped for it anyway. And you know what helps me get even more pumped for stuff? Action figures. And believe me, if there’s one thing Star Wars is good at, it’s getting action figures, even of the most obscure characters. Having not yet seen the movie, I can only speculate, but I’m gonna guess Sarco Plank might be one of those more minor characters.


Sarco2“A scavenger and trader who scours frontier worlds for riches, Sarco Plank must wear a specialized mask that keeps his native atmosphere circulating through his alien lungs.” So l it would appear that Sarco here is some sort of scavenger, possibly related to Rey in some way. Also, it should be noted that this guy was in some of the “Dark Side” reviewer packages, so he seems to be a bad guy. The figure stands about 4 inches tall (making him one of the taller guys in the line) and he has 5 (ish) points of articulation. There’s not much in the way of movement on the neck, but I’m pretty sure there’s still a joint there, just not a very useful one. Having no real reference for the character in the actual movie, I have the judge him purely by the quality of the sculpt. The quality is pretty good, mind you. This guy’s got a lot of cool textures and such, and the folds in his clothing look convincingly real. I also really like this guy’s helmet. It’s got a nice level of sleekness to it, with just the right amount of kitsch-y retro sci fi details thrown in. The multi-part visor in particular gives him a pretty unique look. His robes have been somewhat awkwardly cut into a pair of legs for articulation’s sake; it’s definitely goofy, but it calls back to the vintage Star Wars figures that did the same sort of thing with robed characters, so I don’t mind it too much. I’m not sure what’s going on with his hands, though. They’re kind of…mushy? My best guess would be they’re supposed to be hairy. Sarco actually gets a slightly more intricate paint job than a lot of the other figures in this scale. His helmet has a gradient of colors, making it look semi-transparent, and the robes have a nice variety of orang-y reds, as well as a slight wash to give him some extra depth. The apparatus on his chest even has the slightest bit of grime, which is a nice touch. Sarco is packed with a fairly neat looking gun (which could definitely benefit from some paint), as well as a piece to one of the build-a-things. Fortunately, his build-a-thing piece is actually another gun, so it adds a little more value, instead of being a meaningless piece of plastic like all the others.


No real exciting story for how I got Sarco. I just happened to find him at my local Toys R Us. He was the only “new” Force Awakens figure they had, and I thought he looked kinda cool, so I figured he warranted a purchase. I know nothing about the character, but I do really like his design, and I think it makes for a pretty neat toy. Here’s hoping the character doesn’t totally blow!



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